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  1. Slam Section
    Hi, i recently got back into snowboarding but i do have some knee problems that were caused by a snowboarding accident about 6 years ago. just wondering if there was any tips that someone could give me. i have bought a brace for my left knee as it is that knee that got hurt and im also riding...
  2. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hi all, First post on the forum, long time reader. I started riding about 10yrs ago and just got back out on the slopes this season. Quickly picked it back up -- just like riding a bike, right? I've been out about a handful of times this season. I had ACL reconstruction surgery about 5 years...
  3. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    hello good people! Kinda revisiting snowboarding/skiing/snowball fights and anything dealing with winter and weather. Had a bad knee injury that makes anything SNOW just make me hurt thinking about it, but I've got the itch! does anyone deal with knee issues and what do you do to overcome it? Thanks
  4. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hey, So i am currently riding a 21/-21 duckstance but now after i purchased a new board i saw that most of the big riders and in general all park riders are mostly not going further than 15° on each foot. My stance was recommended to me by a guy from a snowboard shop wich saw how angled out my...
  5. Slam Section
    Has anyone had any experience with healing a knee sprain before? I hurt it just over 2 weeks ago, and went to the doctor who said everything should be ok in up to six weeks. They x rayed it so it looks like its nothing serious, but i am still limping with slight pain 2 weeks later. The doctor...
1-5 of 5 Results