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  1. Doubt between two lengths K2 Subculture

    Last week I bought the K2 Subculture 158, but after doing some research on board sizing I doubt if I shouldn't have bought the 156. I'm 180 cm (5'10") long, and my weight is about 73 kg (160 lbs). I'm an intermediate all-mountain - freestyle rider. I have US size 10 boots, and on the 158 I...
  2. Help! Did I buy my first powder board too long?

    Aloha shredders! I bought my first-ever, exclusively pow board. Burton Day Trader with Lexa bindings. Long story short, I thought I was buying a 145 but it turned out to be a 150. There was a "spec sheet" covering the length, and the shop manager told me it was 145 and the PERFECT size for me...
  3. Help a girl choose her first board?

    So I spent last week in the Three Valleys and started out the week skiing, decided the foot cramps weren't worth it and rented a snowboard with three days left. It ended really well and can't believe I haven't tried sooner. By day three I was linking turns all down red runs. The rental place...
  4. Binding footbed too short?

    I've got 2014/15 medium Burton Cartels paired with a size 11 2014/15 32 STW Boa boot. The binding footbed is fully extended in the pictures. Heel and toe overhang on the board are roughly equal. The space between the end of the binding footbed and the tip of the boot is approximately 1 inch...
  5. Lib Tech - BANANA MAGIC - Boot Size problem

    Hello to all! I would like to ask a question concerning the size of the Banana Magic Hp 2014 that I want to buy. The one I am looking at is a 152. My boot size is 10.5(US) 44.5(EU), weight 65(kg) 140 pounds, and height 170(cm) about 5'7''. I emailed Lib Tech asking about my problem, they told...
  6. TRice Pro - 161.5 or 157

    Hey guys, just wondering about peoples opinions on which length would be suited better for me: Height: 188cm (6'2) Weight: 75-80kgs Boot size: 10.5-11 ride mostly groomers and park with the occasional powder session outside of New Zealand and Australia :P Cheers
  7. Advice for a Beginner on the Market

    Hi, I just started snowboarding this winter. I got a complete beginner's package to a resort I live close to, from a relative for Christmas. I loved it, and have been going back once or twice a week. I've been taking the resort's lessons, and getting pretty decent. I think I'll probably finish...
  8. 148 vs 151? for a Responsive board

    I'm a woman, and I weigh 133 pounds. And I want to get a Category 3 All Resort Freestyle Stick that'll be able to handle some big slopes, when I eventually get better (I'm very much a beginner right now). I'm looking at the Lib Tech TRS Narrow for this, but I can't decide between the 148 or 151...
  9. Board Length Help - Lib Tech TRS

    Hey guys! So I'm getting myself my first snowboard, a Lib Tech TRS Women's edition. But I can't seem to decide on what size to get it in, and I'll love some advice. Problem is I'm not too tall, but I'm a bit on the heavier side. So I'm a 5.1 feet, which is 155cm, and I weigh 60 kilos, 133...
  10. Board question.

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi everyone, and thanks for reading. I was just given some snowboard gear...My question is this: My board is about 8 cm shorter than what is recommended for my weight, however I have been running and completely changed my diet four months ago and am steadily losing weight, this is something I...
  11. Binding Footpad Length vs. Board Width at Inserts

    Hi all, I've got a 2013 Roxy Ally 143 (waist width 237 mm) along with medium 2013 Burton Lexa bindings (for women's boot size 6-8) and 2012 size 8 Forum Mist boots. When I attach the bindings to the board (front 12 degrees, back 9 degrees) I've got about 1.5 cm (0.6 inches) of space between the...
  12. Right size for me?

    I have 3 seasons of snowboarding under my belt with 40+ days each season. I believe I'm an advanced-expert snowboarder. I've boarded with a Sims Vice 2009 (So shitty they sell it at sportmart) for all my days. I'm 5'9 and 135 pounds and have ordered the Burton Custom X 160cm. My riding style is...