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    So I tried out the Orca 2021 on groomers the other day and I wanted to give my first thought. I'm an intermediate rider so at first I was worried with its stiffness and alternative feel. I'm yet to take it into its natural habitat of powder but I'm super keen to do so. Below are some notes on my...
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    Hey y'all - It's time for my boards (Burton Twin 151 and Lib Tech Skate Banana 154) to retire in piece and I have pretty-much-the-same-price options (NS Proto 18-19 and Lib Tech T. Rice Pro 19-20) I ride 50% groomed runs with some icy patches, 50% trees and freeride. I'm 5'6 and about 140 lbs...
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    Hi guys, I've been riding for about 5 years in New Zealand and have been riding a Lib Tech skate banana for 3. Have loved it and learnt basically everything i know on it but think its time to move on to a different board. I spend most of my time riding all over the mountain but in past 2 years...
1-4 of 4 Results