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  1. Snowboard gear for sale! A couple of snowboards and bindings.

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    Selling some gear: Lib Tech T.Rice Goldmember 155 - used 3 times for less than half a day each time - $475 shipped, or best offer Never Summer Proto Type Two 154 - SOLD!!! - used two whole days - $400 shipped, or best offer Jones Explorer 156 - used for half a day - $300 shipped, or best...
  2. FS: Lib Tech 2013 Travis Rice Pro C2 Power BTX

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    Board: Lib Tech 2013 Travis Rice Pro C2 Power BTX 157cm Condition: Very good, fully functional with no problems Ship from: Hong Kong Price: USD$240, including international expedite shipping. Payment method: PayPal invoice - you can pay with your credit card without a PayPal account. Bank...
  3. FS: Never Summer Proto HD 152cm Excellent Condition

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    Hi all. Posting here for the first time! Kindly pardon me if I am not doing things right as I am not very familiar with the practices here. Board: Never Summer Proto HD 152cm Condition: used for less than 8 days, excellent condition Ship from: Hong Kong Price: USD$300, including...
  4. Upgrading from a 2011 GNU Carbon Credit?

    First time poster and I just need a little advice from people who know what they're talking about when it comes to snowboards. The title pretty much says it all. I've been riding the 2011 GNU CC for two seasons and I outgrew it, so I'm looking to upgrade before this season. I want an all...
  5. Lib Tech Trice for a Newb?

    So, I'm a beginner. But I learn fast. You have to if you accidentally blunder onto the wrong lift n go down a blue and black diamond hill on your first go. Cause pretty soon your head starts whining and says it doesn't want to be used to create 4 foot craters anymore. You try to talk sense to it...
  6. 2013 Lib Tech T-Rice PRO (Video)

    Snowboard Reviews
    Hello fellow boarders, Just thought I'd give a little review for the 2013 Lib Tech T-Rice Pro. I'm fairly new to the sport (third season) so please bare with me through the n00b cycle. I bought this board with the intention of going faster, and it has definitely delivered. The C2BTX seems...
  7. Lib Tech T. Rice PRO vs. Dark Series Dilema

    Hey boarders, I have a dilemma about what board I should upgrade to for the upcoming season and I would like to hear your opinion. About me: I am an advanced rider, spent 4 season riding on my old 2007 Lib Tech Dark Series 164cm (wide) with MTX (no C2BTX technology), Burton Custom bindings - I...
  8. WTB - 2013 Travis Rice Pro Horsepower

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    Was in the market for a new 2013 T.Rice Pro Hp- Looking for a 161.5. Thanks
  9. What kind of board do I need?

    I'm not very familiar with snowboarding terminologies. It seems like I would be considered a freerider. When I'm on the mountain, I ride groomers all day. The nice morning groomers and the carved up, packed and icy evening/night groomers. I also take jumps and I like to ollie. I never go to...