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    Stuck between the Libtech Skate Banana BTX 2020 or the Burton Process Flying V 2020. I started snowboarding a little over a year ago and picked up on it fairly quickly. I'm already hitting jumps and some rails on terrain parks. I'm stuck between buying the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX or the...
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    Looking to trade my rock board, a 2013 161.5cm T.Rice (pointy) with 2013 Ride Maestro bindings for a similar sized Burton rock board. I'm trying to consolidate space and use my new Burton bindings on my early/late season deck as well as my FA. This board can definitely be fixed or used as is...
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    So i have a 2015 LIB Tech Attack Bannanananananna. Anyway i purchased the board 3 months ago brand new and have put 5 days of riding into it and the top sheet has delaminated. Have a good look at the images below you can notice there is a kink in the rail.. now i feel like i have done nothing...
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    Time for a new setup after riding a Burton custom flying V for past few years. Read great things about each. looking at the 161. 5'10. 200lbs. Been riding for 20 years I like to charge fast on resort groomers, hit trees, powder. Wolf Creek, CO to Mammoth. backcountry hits here and...
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    Hi, anyone know what model JL this is? I believe it's either a 1996 or 1997 model. Havent found anything about it on Google. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi ! What do you think about a Lib Tech Travis Pro 155 for me ? I'm 5'72 and weigh about 175 lbs and i ride all mountain but i do park and halfpipe as well ! I've been riding a whammy bar 153.
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    Ok so before anyone says it. Yes the 2 boards Ive narrowed it down 2 are totally different. I currently ride a dc XFB - its a solid plank in my opinion. Im looking for some more flex and a more park (intermediate jump) targeted ride. Something more playful than the plank. I picked the TRS on...
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    A year or two ago I was looking into all mountain boards, and I kept seeing the TRS pop up over and over as one of the better options, with the downside being their lack of a sintered base. Now it seems like I'm not seeing it mentioned at all in discussions and reviews of the best all mountain...
  10. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    SOLD!!! My 2012 LibTech Attack Banana, sized 156. I bought the board new and only put 6 days on in 2 seasons ago, haven't touched it since. It's a great all terrain freestyle board, it feels solid everywhere, even through sketchy ice pack thanks to the Magne-Traction. I haven't hit any rails or...
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    I put on my old Burton Cartel bindings on to my Libtech T Rice Pro board. I can't seem to fit the binding plate holes so they're evenly spaced on my board. Is this ok?
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    Looking at picking up a board in the next week or so, I currently ride on a Never Summer Proto, Burton Genesis Bindings, Salomon F 3.0 10.5 boots and would categorize myself as intermediate to advance. I love my proto but want to add a better charging board. I feel too much chatter with my...
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    So, as the title says, I am having trouble deciding which "banana" to buy. I ride on the East Coast and that means ice, hard groomers, slush and more ice. If I am not mistaken the Mervin magnetraction should handle the conditions but I can't decide which suits my riding style. I am just...
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    I'm selling my t rice board, it has time bindings on it. It's a badass board. Las Vegas area. 7026042818 if interested
  15. Bindings
    I Have a 2014 lib tech skate Banana. I can get the Forces pretty cheap. I would rather the Cartels. Any suggestions?
  16. General Travel Forum
    I'll be in Park City for a week from early February, and am looking for a good place to rent snowboard/bindings/boots. What I am hoping for is to find a place where I can try out a number of different boards (LibTech models, in particular, have interest) during the 8 days I'll be there. Any good...
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    Hi All, Having just hit a recent Demo Day I have decided against sticking with Burton for my new board (despite purchasing new Malavita ESTs this season, after my roofrack came off and broke my cartels!). Having spent a couple of hours trying out Hybrid cambers my Custom 09 Camber felt brutal...
  18. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2012 LibTech Attack Banana 156 - $325 I'm selling my 2012 LibTech Attack Banana, sized 156. I bought the board new and only put 4 days on in last season and probably won't get out at all this season so I'm selling it. It's a great all terrain freestyle board, it feels solid everywhere, even...
1-18 of 18 Results