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    Hello all, as a bloody rookie I got a few questions about maintenance. From what I've heard so far would the following be sufficient: Renew hot wax about all 5 days Deburr edges also around all 5 days Apply cold wax daily when snowboarding Renew/Grind edges once yearly Is that alright so far...
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    This might be a long shot, but does anyone have any advice on repairing this board? I found it on the hard rubbish and want to see if I can do anything with it. It looks like the wood around the binder screw holes might be rotten/loose so I know its probably going to be difficult/impossible!
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    Carelessly neglected and left at the mercy of the elements. Edges now evenly coated in rust.
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    I noticed a little crack today in the tail of my Ride Fleetwood board :( It's not very long (yet) but I'm afraid it could get longer :unsure: It's on the top laminate layer of the board and extends a few millimeters in. I want to repair it since I've heard cracks like this can let water into...
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    So I have my first board and i just want to know what you guys usually do after a season of riding. what do you do with the board when you know you will not be riding it for a while
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    Choad Cheese handcrafted snowboard wax has made staying waxed up even easier with the introduction of the Choad Cheese Pounder. It's 1lb of snowboard wax for $20 shipped to your home. Crack Grease Snowboarding: Wax Chemists of Snowboard and Ski Wax. Purveyors of stoke!
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    Hey guys. I have some question regarding maintenance of my board. Back in April I bought a board from Blank Snowboards ( great brand, boards come in white or black, can customize them. They give tutorials. Go check them out, seriously awesome brand) and I have recently discovered rust. It...
1-7 of 7 Results