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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    For sale. Nidecker Megalight 163 Camrock version with Ultimate Grip (serrated between the bindings). Kind of rare in the U.S. I believe this is 2012 model year. Very good condition, typical topsheet wear and tear. Base and edges are very good with no core shots or deep gouges. I am not sure what...
  2. Boards
    Hi, I've been riding for 11 years. Mostly pow freeride and sometimes carving (I'm not interested in jibbing, parks etc.). Now I'd like to buy a new board. I have three options: - Never Summer Raptor 169cm - Jason Flagship 164cm - Nidecker Megalight 163 cm I have 1,88 m and 78 kg (170 pounds). I...
  3. Boards
    I just got my Ultralight 158 shipped to me from Johnathon and Matty hooked me up! I am so waiting for that beauty to arrive at my doorstep so I can kick the wife out of the bed:laugh:!!! Seriously those boys over there at are killing it!:yahoo:
1-3 of 3 Results