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  1. ISO: Old Bindings

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have a Morrow Todd Richards Customized Reveret and I'm looking to see if I can find a pair of bindings to fit it. My Ride Prestons don't fit it. I am going to need a base that's wider. I have been told that I should put this up on a wall but I'd prefer to bring it back to life and ride my...
  2. received snowboard, need help on decision

    hey, I have been going snowboarding about 3-4 times past 2 years, always renting here in SoCal. anyway, a friend gave me an old board that he had been using. It is a Morrow Source 159cm ( I am 5'11, boot size 11, 200lb ) It looks preety beat up. I don't know anything about this brand or board...