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  1. Boards
    Hey guys I'm an intermediate rider looking for a 2019 board for the following: 1. Groomers 2. Pow and off piste 3. jumping stuff 4 Very occasional park lap Been looking at the Jones mountain twin, Flagship, Lib tech terrain wrecker, T Rice pro, Burton deep thinker etc. I love the look of the...
  2. General Travel Forum
    We are just looking to book a trip to Avoriaz but have a 18 month old who has never been on a flight / up a mountain. My question was has anyone stayed in this resort with a child similar age as i am a little worried about the altitude Thank you
  3. Boards
    Im getting a new board and am wanting one the is overall great on both park and trails. I'm pretty sure I want a twin, but am unsure of which board to get. So far these three have been recommended to me, what are your thoughts on them and any other recommendations?
  4. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2014/2015 Jones Mountain Twin snowboard for sale, size 157cm. Six days of riding in mostly Utah powder and backcountry, plus some warmup groomers. Complete tuneup done after day five, to include stone grind, edges and fresh wax. A few minor nicks already ptex-ed. Willing to wax prior to sale...
  5. General Travel Forum
    Sup shredders. I'm trying to plan a trip for me, my dad, and my sister to a mountain on the east coast. Whether it be in the United States or Canada. We live in PA, USA and are looking for a solid mountain to ride. We are all advanced skiiers or snowboarders, ready to do backcountry and parks...
  6. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hello everybody, I have couple snowboard wall mount designs that I 3D print. They are sold in pairs. Easy to install. Available in green, white and black for now. The price is $12 for pair. Message me if interested.
  7. Boards
    Hey guys, new member with a first post here. I've been snowboarding for 2 seasons now and I am getting pretty good. I occasionally go and hit jumps and some rails but mostly we tear it up through the trees hitting the nice jumps. I am looking for the best snowboard for mountain riding and some...
  8. Boards
    Hey im looking for a review on capita's scott stevens pro model for 2014. The ultragear looks good, but im not sure if all the dampening will make it hard to ride the whole mountain. Im a park rider, but I like to hit runs when im with my friends. Basically im wanting a review on the whole...
  9. Boards
    Hi all, so i have a little issue, or should I say big.... I'm 16 and I wear size 15 boots, so I preferably need a 26.9cm board or so for waist width, and and I weigh 140 lbs and 5'10"... So the problem is obvious. Most wide boards are made for big dudes and I'm rather on the slim side. However...
  10. Boards
    So I've decided to get a Mountain Twin '14 instead of a skatebananana. The question is the length either a 161W or 164W Any thoughts on that? Specs: 38, 196cm (6'4") tall and 105Kg (230lb), size 11.5 boots. Intermediate level, riding a Burton King 167 camber now, wanted something a bit more...
  11. Bindings
    Hello everybody. I am going to buy new bindings, a new board, and new boots this year. I have chosen my board as the Never Summer Proto HDX and my boots as the Ride Hi Phys, but I am having trouble picking bindings. I am looking for more all-mountain freestyle bindings because I ride a little...
  12. Resort Trip Reports
    Hey, i'm heading up to Plattekill mtn. weekend of the 16th and would like to know how it is for snowboarding? also it compared to windham and hunter i know its not as big but i know it doesnt attract crowd so lift lines will be a big plus. please get back anyone. Thanks!
1-12 of 12 Results