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  1. Boards
    Which one would be a better resort snowboard? If anyone has ridden both of them could you please tell me Pros and Cons of both of them?
  2. Boards
    Hello. I have been riding snowboard for 3 years but never tried switch or freestyle, so time has come to improve my switch and little freestyle. I'm a weekend warrior and I ride from 9 am till 10pm therefore I need a damp board for all day riding( I have also meniscus problem). I own LibTech...
  3. Bindings
    Hey guys, First of all, I'm happy to have found out about this forum - it's been really helpful in getting up to date on snowboard gear these days! I'm an intermediate/advanced all-mountain rider who loves freeriding, bombing hills at 50 mph but also hitting jumps from time to time. I've...
  4. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Jones Mountain Twins can ship worldwide
  5. Boards
    so i have been doing some research and if i was to just buy only one board, i want to get the jones ultra mountain twin. i'm 186cm (6"1), 70kg (155lbs), size US11 So I have chose to buy a 158W Now, the only issue is its sold out everywhere online. Does anyone know where I can find one...
1-5 of 5 Results