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  1. Snowboarding General Chat
    Heading to mount hood meadows for march 2nd 3rd and 4th. Don't want to board alone especially since they have already found 2 bodies up there this year. I'm 33 and can handle just about anything the mountain has to offer. Looking to meet at the mountain and snowboard all day for those 3 days. No...
  2. Northwest US
    Who's going this year???? Requesting Jason Curry again as coach - he was AWESOME last year. If you want an awesome week, request Jason!
  3. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    A two mile hike from the lot of Timberline Lodge up to Illumination Rock. Definitely earned those lines. Jonny Sischo... | Facebook
  4. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Snowboarding! T-line. Saturday October 29th - YouTube
1-4 of 4 Results