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  1. What is this board and does it have any value?

    Sorry for misguiding title. I know this is a Burton Craig Kelly mystery air extreme board but is it; - what year? (didnt find anything with googling) - valuable? - does it matter where it was produced? ( i read somewhere that this board was manufactured in 3 different countries) hope...
  2. GNU Impossible vs Burton Mystery Flying V

    Hi, Got a GNU Impossible 159cm 2013/2014 from the LibTech warranty for my delaminated one year old T.Rice 157cm Now, i am thinking about selling the Impossible and buy a Burton Mystery 155cm, because the Impossible is may be to long for me as my every day Board, what the T.Rice 157 was...
  3. Nike Snowboards?

    Hey, anyone know any info on nike snowboards? The tye-dye looking one is a one-off single production made by Endeavor up in Canada. The other two though? One is a model Nike ACG Team C150 and the other is Nike ACG Team U153. The U version has a sintered base, triax fiber, and carbon inserts...
  4. HELP: Changing Burton Boards

    :dunno: Hey ladies/bros. I'm here for a little help since I need a new board after 7 seasons and it feels like I'm breaking up with my long term GF or something - I don't have any perspective on what has changed and is out there today. Basically, I have been riding a 159 Burton T6 on a variety...