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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi all. Posting here for the first time! Kindly pardon me if I am not doing things right as I am not very familiar with the practices here. Board: Never Summer Proto HD 152cm Condition: used for less than 8 days, excellent condition Ship from: Hong Kong Price: USD$300, including...
  2. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Long Island, NY-- Selling my lightly used Proto HD---- sold, thread won't delete
  3. Boards
    So I am 6'4" and weighed about 195 pounds when I bought a never summer proto hd 157 last year and the board was fun, but it felt a little squirrelly at higher speeds. I've been bulking up since I bought the board, I am at about 215 now and expect to weigh between 225-235 this winter. That's...
  4. Boards
    I havent ridden a Never Summer board for 4 years now, and today I unboxed my new Proto HDX and it reminded me what high quality is. Never Summer makes the sort of product that our grandparents refer to when they say "back when things were built to last." They did a phenomenal job designing this...
  5. Boards
    Hi, i'm an intermediate rider. Here are some questions :) What is better for groomers? NS SL or Proto HD or may be Attack Banana? False o true that Proto HD is too poppy and it hard to control in bad conditions? SL and Proto has different damp rating, is it really feels? What board weighs more...
1-5 of 5 Results