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never summer

  1. How similar is the NS Proto Type 2 and the Rome Lo-Fi 2020 board?

    Comparative Reviews
    So I've ridden the men's Never Summer Proto Type Two, which I really liked. I recently looked at Rome's 2020 women's Lo-Fi snowboard, which looked pretty good too. I was wondering what the main differences between them were and if those differences would be noticable to an intermediate-advanced...
  2. Funslinger length help

    Hey all I'm looking to buy the Never Summer Funslinger, but having trouble figuring out if I should go with 153 or 156... Hoping you guys can help me make a decision. I tend to like a shorter board, so I'm leaning toward 153, but this is my first new board in quite a few years and I've put on...
  3. Can't decide between NS Proto Type 2 and Lib Tech T. Rice Pro

    Hey y'all - It's time for my boards (Burton Twin 151 and Lib Tech Skate Banana 154) to retire in piece and I have pretty-much-the-same-price options (NS Proto 18-19 and Lib Tech T. Rice Pro 19-20) I ride 50% groomed runs with some icy patches, 50% trees and freeride. I'm 5'6 and about 140 lbs...
  4. Need help picking an all-mountain snowboard

    Hey all, I started snowboarding 2 years ago and I've started looking into getting a new snowboard. I am looking for a good all-mountain board, able to handle powder but also hit fun lines on groomers. I enjoy to ride switch, cut through trees quickly, carve, butter, and hit the sides. My boot...
  5. FS: Excellent Condition Rossignol Jibsaw 155cm

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Up for sale: Men's Rossignol Jibsaw - Asking Price $210 shipped. Size- 155cm Condition- Great overall condition. Some scratches on top sheet from where the binding was sitting and minor scratches on base from normal riding. Never used in the park. Used one weekend only! No bindings!
  6. FS: Union Force Bindings Size Medium Distressed Red

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Up for Sale: Union force men's medium distressed red snowboard bindings. Great condition, Used a handful of times this season. Has minor scratches/paint chips on heel cup and latch areas(see pictures) Price - $155 shipped.
  7. Board Decision

    Hey everyone, Wanting help arriving on a decision to a board, have been contemplating a few different boards. Im 5'11, 190, Boot size 11 Beginner-Intermediate I'll mostly be riding groomers Burton Photons boots, and Burton Cartel bindings I have been contemplating the following boards any...
  8. First Snowboard!!!

    I'm a relative new comer to the sport, but super excited, have a trip planned for Jan and looking to plan another for Feb. -Rented the last couple years so looking to make the leap and purchase my first board this year....SO EXCITED -Just picked up a set of Burton Photons boots and Burton...
  9. Snowboard gear for sale! A couple of snowboards and bindings.

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Selling some gear: Lib Tech T.Rice Goldmember 155 - used 3 times for less than half a day each time - $475 shipped, or best offer Never Summer Proto Type Two 154 - SOLD!!! - used two whole days - $400 shipped, or best offer Jones Explorer 156 - used for half a day - $300 shipped, or best...
  10. Need help choosing a High End All Mountain Freestyle Board

    I'm getting back into riding after being inconsistent since going to college and want to get a whole new setup for 2019. I've always enjoyed riding fast on groomers and through trees but really want to make a point add some style to my riding and put in some hours to progress in the park. I've...
  11. FIRST BOARD Never Summer Proto Type Two vs Burton Process Flying V

    Hi All, I've recently taken up snowboarding and I'm hooked so I'm looking to buy my first board. I was originally looking at getting the Burton Process Flying V (159) as I heard its good for turn initiation and a soft playful board. However, I've heard it's not the best as an all mountain...
  12. I like trees, bowls, off-piste, and powder. help me choose.

    I like trees, bowls, off-piste, and powder. help me choose a board. First, I know there are probably a billion threads just like this one, but regardless, I'm looking for some advice from wiser and more experienced riders. I've been riding for the past 12 years. Usually once or twice a year...
  13. Board Recommendations

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    I’ve been riding the same Cusotm X for about 10 years and it’s finally time for a new board. I loved my custom x but I’m looking to switch it up and Never Summer has caught my eye. I’m trying to decide between the Ripsaw, Chairman and West. I like a stiff board that I can take in the trees, the...
  14. InstaGator Never Summer Review (women’s) With Flex Test

    Women`s Boards
    I hope this helps some ladies. I posted it here and under Never Summer because it is a Women's board and a Never Summer. I hope that is cool? Also, check out my video review on the Anon WM1 goggle. Have fun this season and be safe.
  15. Did I just short myself on a Never Summer Proto 2?

    I dropped a lot on a new board from NS and now everything I'm reading is telling me I should have gone up in size. I'm 6'1, 205, with a size 9.5 shoe and I bought a Proto Type 2 157cm board. My first board was a 159 and it sometimes felt too long and heavy so I decided to go down a little. I'm...
  16. Need Board advice!

    Hi guys, I've been riding for about 5 years in New Zealand and have been riding a Lib Tech skate banana for 3. Have loved it and learnt basically everything i know on it but think its time to move on to a different board. I spend most of my time riding all over the mountain but in past 2 years...
  17. Never Summer Type2 Review - (bye bye Ladies Choice)

    Yep, that's right, from someone who has espoused the GNU Ladies Choice EC2 for the last few years, I am ready to move on. I was looking for something with more camber, better edge hold, more stable, a little longer, and just in general a beefier deck but still as a fun all-mountain, do all deck...
  18. Never Summer Insta/Gator (women's)

    I got to demo some Never Summers at the Sierra at Tahoe demo day. I demoed boards on both Friday and Saturday. I liked all the boards but the Insta/Gator stood out. I liked it so much I rode it both days. Both days were powder days and the Insta/Gator was the perfect board. I am 5'2 with a small...
  19. Never Summer Intsa/Gator Review (womens)

    Alright ya'll I got a chance to ride this little baby for a few days so I want to post up a little review. I'm 130lbs, boots 6.5 and I rode the 142. First, the summary of how I feel is I had a love/hate relationship with this snowboard. I didn't get a chance to really ride it in powder...
  20. Buying New Board (Never Summer Proto vs Lib Tech TRS vs Burton Custom Twin)

    :nerd:WARNING: Long read ahead...:nerd: Alright Snowboarding Fam, A little bit about myself so you guys get a feel for my physique, ride style, location. Me... -Male -5' 10" -185-190 lbs -10.5 US boots (Salomon), K2 bindings Ride Experience... -5 seasons -10 to 20 days per season -40% Park...