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  1. 2021 Never Summer Proto Synthesis for buttering?

    The proto synthesis is a Medium flex; rates it at a 6 stiffness. Would I be able to learn presses and butters on this board? I need a really wide board because I am getting into euro carve territory, and the protosynthesis is being offered in 280mm waist width. Most soft flex boards...
  2. Never Summer Insta/Gator (women's)

    I got to demo some Never Summers at the Sierra at Tahoe demo day. I demoed boards on both Friday and Saturday. I liked all the boards but the Insta/Gator stood out. I liked it so much I rode it both days. Both days were powder days and the Insta/Gator was the perfect board. I am 5'2 with a small...
  3. FS: Never Summer Proto HD 152cm Excellent Condition

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi all. Posting here for the first time! Kindly pardon me if I am not doing things right as I am not very familiar with the practices here. Board: Never Summer Proto HD 152cm Condition: used for less than 8 days, excellent condition Ship from: Hong Kong Price: USD$300, including...
  4. NeverSummer Suggested Board

    Guys - i'm new to this forum and looking for feedback on NeverSummer I'm from NJ so I deal with VT/NY icy conditions and need a board that is versatile if I go out west and have some powder. I don't do the park much but do ride switch so a twin is preferred. I've been between the Proto...
  5. First day out with new NS board yesterday... Chipped topsheet

    Took my brand new NS Proto HD out yesterday for the first time and it rode amazing, but sadly at the end of the day I scanned over my board to find a chip on the topsheet on the front end of the board. I'm assuming this is merely cosmetic, but it really triggers my OCD...
  6. Never Summer Funslinger Sizing

    I recently purchased the limited release funslinger from last season in a size 156 to be my all mountain freestyle board. I am wondering if I should have gotten the 153 instead. I am 5' 10" 175 lbs and would consider myself an advanced all mountain/park rider. I spend 50% of my days in the park...
  7. Shipping a snowboard. Who to use and how much $?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    thinking USPS or UPS. no idea. how much does it cost? $30 or so? board only.
  8. Best style and size snowboard for me?

    i am leaning towards another never summer. right now i have a NS Legacy 161 that i feel is a bit large for me. i am 5'11, 190-195 lbs with a size 10 boot. i basically only ride groomers and glades. virtually 0 park. i am thinking the 158 Cobra might check all my boxes. your thoughts?
  9. Is my Never Summer too big? Are my Burton Cartels not centered? *PICS*

    hey guys, just got new boots. smaller than my last. now they look like they don't sit on my board correctly. notice the heel hangs way over. also, does the board look HUGE in comparison to the size 10.5 boots? it is a Never Summer Legacy from last year. it is a wide board so i have made...
  10. Sold my 2013/14 Never Summer I need something new

    i realized, while great, that the Legacy was just too wide for me. i am cross shopping a variety of boards, all Never Summer (yes, I am a fan boy) about me: 5'11 195 lbs size 10.5 boot skills:intermediate riding: east coast (ice, groomers, glades, occasional powder) style: FREERIDE, carving...
  11. Brand Showdown: Never Summer vs. YES vs. Lib Tech

    in your opinion, which brand produces the most consistent, high-quality decks out of the above 3?
  12. Neversummer Proto HD vs. Cobra for all-mountain riding?

    basically want a board for cruising with the ability to carve through ice (east coast) and handle the rare powder day. i love the look and sound of both. should i be leaning one way or the other? also which size would work best? i am 5'11, 195lbs.
  13. Riding a wide board when it is not necessary...thoughts? re: Never Summer Legacy

    bought a NS Legacy last season (2013/2014) and was rocking size 12 boots so it kind of made sense. i just got new boots and the size 10.5 fits nice and snug. but now, is my board way too wide for me? will it matter much/will i notice any issues? it seems fine so far, but now i feel silly for...
  14. Did I buy a board that's too big for me? Never Summer Legacy...

    don't get me wrong. i LOVE the thing and it flies. but when trying to catch some air or anything involving maneuverability, i think it suffers. i am 5'11, 200lbs with a size 11.5 foot (boots are a 13 but way too big, probably need an 11.5-12) so, did i unnecessarily get a wide board and will...
  15. Help picking snowboard size - Female 125 lbs 5'5"

    I'm looking to get the Never Summer Infinity board. From what I've looked up online, I need size 147. However, the discounted website I'm buying from no longer has that size in stock. I'm wondering if I should go a size shorter to 145, or a size longer to 149. I'm a beginner, female, 125...
  16. New 2015 Gear? help

    Kinda new too this. Just wondering, I was looking for a new board for next season, when do they start selling 2015 boards? Also, I need some help on choosing a board. 5'7, 145lbs Usually in the park hitting kickers or hitting natural hits. What do you recommend? I like going light, I was...
  17. Never Summer Proto CTX vs HDX

    Hello everybody. I am set on the Never Summer Proto HDX, but i cannot find it on sale (didn't really expect to either because it's this years model). What are the differences between the CTX and the HDX. Are these difference big enough for me to wait for the HDX to go on sale? Or should I get a...
  18. Never Summer Sl 11-12 question

    i just got the never summer sl 11-12 for a good price and was wondering how good it is with some freestyle like 3's and 5's and some big mountain terrain like backcountry, your opinions will be helpful!