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new board help

  1. Need help choosing the right board

    Hello, I need help picking a board and I can’t find it online. Im a big guy. 6 foot and I weight around 260 with size 10 wider feet/high arch Background I’ve been snowboarding for a couple years now. Probably 10 times total. I learned on a ride 162 W. I also didn’t realize because I have a...
  2. Looking for new Women’s board

    Hi guys! I’m currently riding an old K2 Moment women’s snowboard (2009) that I got used a couple years back. I’m looking to upgrade to a newer all-mountain board. I would consider myself an intermediate rider, but definitely closer to beginner intermediate than advanced intermediate. 5’3”, 130...
  3. Too small? Help!

    Hi! So I'm pretty new to snowboarding. I've recently started going on the blue and a little on red runs, finally getting a good grip on turns etc. BUT I have just purchased a Roxy Sugar 142 board and am worried I have made a big mistake on size. I fit within the weight limits- i weigh...
  4. what board should i get ??!!

    Hi everybody !! i'm going to get a new board and i don't want to make another mistake choosing it , so which one should i Buy ? I want a really playfull board. i want a centered stance board. In the beginning i used to ride a whammybar 153, after that i bought an Arbor Coda Crocker 156 2017...
  5. Int. / Adv. rider looking for advice on new board

    Hey, gang! I'm seeking some advice from experienced riders for my new board hunt. As I've finally gotten some serious seasons under my belt (not the 1-3 rides a season I've had since a kid), I'm looking to further understand the mechanics that go into my board and how they compliment my riding...
  6. Board Recommendation

    Hey all, Looking to buy my first actual board. Bought a 1994 morrow off of craigslist last year but I'm ready to move up to some tougher slopes and a bookshelf isn't gonna cut it anymore. -I'm a guy, 6'1" 175 lbs (the morrow is a 169cm) -Looking for a board I can use for the next 5 or so...
  7. Total newbie needs advice!

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi all! Hope I'm posting in the right spot. Brand new to this site, relatively new to snowboarding. Names TY. I grew up in central Oregon enjoying the outdoors but never got into snowboarding. I joined the Army when I was 22 and fortunately I ended up on Colorado. Some friends got me into...
  8. Will my 2013 Ride Kink work for all mountain?

    Hey guys, I bought my first board a couple of years ago, It was a 2013 Ride Kink. I have since advanced my riding and would like to push myself as hard as I can this winter, I do a little bit of everything at the resorts I visit. I bought ThirtyTwo Tm-2 boots and Burton Genesis bindings in the...
  9. Freestyle newbie

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi, After several failed attempts to progress to freestyle on my own I have just booked a course with Ninja academy over in Davos this season. Is anybody else going/got any tips! Also can anybody advise a board for both mountain and intro to freestyle winter is coming!!!!! :)
  10. Never Summer Heritage or Raptor

    Hey guys, looking on some insight on a new board. Narrowed it down to Either A Heritage or a Raptor. Leaning more towards the Heritage, but was curious to see from other people if it's as hard charging and fast compared to the Raptor and stability at high speed between the two. Also, I am 6'1...
  11. Buying a new board and bindings

    So this is my first time posting so please excuse me if i manage to fuck it up :P Im needing to buy a new board and some bindings because I've had my burton feather since 2011 and although it was a great one to learn on its time to upgrade. Ive done a lot of research but theres so much out...
  12. Advice on which new board to get!

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey guys, new to the forum! I have been snowboarding for the past two season on a friends 2007 Burton Feel Good with Lexa bindings. I recently purchased Salomon Pearl Boa boots, and need advice on which way to go on my board/bindings. I have kind of narrowed it down, much appreciated for...
  13. getting a new board need help !!

    im not sure if i should go for a wide board or regular i have size 12 thirty two lashed boots and a l/xl union force bindings would there be much overhang if i got a regular width board the board is a forum youngblood doubledog thats waist width is 24.9 and the tip and tail is 29.35 plz help me...
  14. Choosing a board help

    Hey I've been boarding for about 4 years and am looking to get a new board now that my current one has become way too small. I am 5ft9in (175cm) and weigh 150lbs. I usually freeride hills ranging from intermediate to advanced but I still like to be able to go to the park and do some freestyle...
  15. Freestyle Snowboard leaning towards park/jumps.

    Hello fellow boarders! As you can tell from the title I'm in need of some advice. I've been boarding for a few years now on the 2011 K2 brigade which was great as it was my first board but now I'm looking to step it up a level. I'm finding myself more and more in the park and for my new board I...
  16. Burton Custom Flying V 158W or 160

    Im looking to buy a new board and the Burton Custom Flying V has caught my attention. Im looking to buy a 2013 model. I am about 5'10-5'11 165 lbs with a size 13 boot. I would say I am an advanced rider who likes glades, groomers primarily and some park. I just dont know if the 160cm will be too...