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new gear

  1. Board Recommendation

    Hey all, Looking to buy my first actual board. Bought a 1994 morrow off of craigslist last year but I'm ready to move up to some tougher slopes and a bookshelf isn't gonna cut it anymore. -I'm a guy, 6'1" 175 lbs (the morrow is a 169cm) -Looking for a board I can use for the next 5 or so...
  2. Will my 2013 Ride Kink work for all mountain?

    Hey guys, I bought my first board a couple of years ago, It was a 2013 Ride Kink. I have since advanced my riding and would like to push myself as hard as I can this winter, I do a little bit of everything at the resorts I visit. I bought ThirtyTwo Tm-2 boots and Burton Genesis bindings in the...
  3. New Board

    Hello all, New to the site, been boarding for 5 years about 5 days a year all on Burton LTR rental boards. So still pretty green, but at the end of last season i carved down some colorado blues. Im looking into getting more serious this year, bought a season pass to my closest mountain and plan...
  4. Buying a new board and bindings

    So this is my first time posting so please excuse me if i manage to fuck it up :P Im needing to buy a new board and some bindings because I've had my burton feather since 2011 and although it was a great one to learn on its time to upgrade. Ive done a lot of research but theres so much out...
  5. Help Choosing New Board

    I started snowboarding halfway through January. I bought a K2 Brigade 2012 with Burton Outpost bindings and Burton Invader Boots before I even hit the slopes, my intention was that I couldn't stop no matter what, because I invested money in it. First day I promised myself I'd never come back...
  6. New Gear!

    Hey guys, so I'm going to buy new gear for this season. I've been riding for one season, progressing fairly fast, and now that I've got some money in my pocket I felt like it was time to get my own stuff instead of hiring! The thing is, I'm not 100% on what to buy. I've looked into TBT and it...