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  1. New board advice (all mountain)

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey there, I currently ride a Nitro Suprateam 158cm it's pretty stiff and a traditional camber. It's great for carving and riding fast on piste, but can be a bit much to handle in the park. I'm looking for something a bit more fun with some more flex, that can still get a fair bit of pace on...
  2. Help please, cracked topsheet - common or quality issue?

    I have recently purchased a new Salomon lotus board and rode probably only three times. I'm a pretty beginner, so no aggressive riding at all. And I realized one cracker on the topsheet from each side of the board. It's definitely not a scratch on the top. The pictures are kind hardly show them...
  3. Choosing a board help

    Hey I've been boarding for about 4 years and am looking to get a new board now that my current one has become way too small. I am 5ft9in (175cm) and weigh 150lbs. I usually freeride hills ranging from intermediate to advanced but I still like to be able to go to the park and do some freestyle...
  4. Hey Summit County/Denver Want to Win A Snowboard?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Alright here's the deal. Last night two boards magically walked off from the Angry Intergalactic HQ front porch in Breckenridge. It's a semi secluded area so it's more than likely someone that was in the know about decks being there. So what does this have to do with winning a new snowboard...
  5. Suggestion for a new board!?

    So I've been snowboarding for almost 5 years now and plan on getting a new board I weigh about 135 and 5'11 I like to hit jumps and some boxes but haven't hit rails yet! So I'm looking for a board that can handle the mountain but one that can also hit the park! Also I've been wanting a board...
  6. Choosing a new snowboard

    I've been seriously snowboarding for two seasons now (around 20-25 days per season) and I think it's time for me to switch to a more advanced board. I don't know much about boards, so I was hoping you guys could give some advice as to qualities I should look for in my next board. I am...