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  1. Total newbie needs advice!

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi all! Hope I'm posting in the right spot. Brand new to this site, relatively new to snowboarding. Names TY. I grew up in central Oregon enjoying the outdoors but never got into snowboarding. I joined the Army when I was 22 and fortunately I ended up on Colorado. Some friends got me into...
  2. Lib Tech Trice for a Newb?

    So, I'm a beginner. But I learn fast. You have to if you accidentally blunder onto the wrong lift n go down a blue and black diamond hill on your first go. Cause pretty soon your head starts whining and says it doesn't want to be used to create 4 foot craters anymore. You try to talk sense to it...
  3. Newbie First Video Advice Wanted

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    A couple of things about me as a rider. I ride a GNU B-Nice, with Burton Lexa Bindings and Salomon Boots. I ride goofy. I have been up to the Mountain Ten times but two of those don't count since I was on the bunny hill helping my sister up when she would fall. :dizzy: This is my first actual...