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  1. Bindings for slush slasher?

    What’s up y’all, I just got my 2020 143 slush slasher and was wondering what are the best surfy bindings but also stiff enough to hit jumps rails and everything park? I’m looking to go for the $150-160 price range... if that’s possible.....are the 2020 nitro team Bindings a good fit fore this...
  2. Bindings for slush slasher??

    What’s up y’all, I just got my 2020 143 slush slasher and was wondering what are the best surfy bindings but also stiff enough to hit jumps rails and everything park? I’m looking to go for the $150-160 price range... if that’s possible.....are the 2020 nitro team Bindings a good fit fore this...
  3. Smirnoff Ice limited addition board

    So I bought this board off a friend with the intention of getting into the sport after a taster session but never did. I want to sell it but have no idea what it is worth I think it is a Nitro T1 board? And has a set of head binders can anyone recommend a price I should be asking. TIA
  4. Need help picking a new board

    Hi guys, I am new around here and I need some help. Recently, I have decided to buy a new snowboard. I have been riding for a couple of years(been into skiing before) and I have decided to buy new bindings and a new board. I had a Trans snowboard(Camber) before(not very popular). I would say...
  5. Nitro Team gullwing size help

    Hi everyone, I’ve been looking at the Nitro Team Gullwing board as a perfect one stick quiver. But I’m a bit stuck with the sizing... I’m 6 foot, size 10uk/11uk binding and 184cm so I don’t really fit into any of the recommended size guides. I’ve been looking at the 159 but should I be going...
  6. Toe strap replacement

    The toe strap on my Nitro Lynx (probably 2015 model or earlier) just snapped. I'm going to buy a new one but I don't know which toe straps will fit the binding. Can I buy a Burton toe strap, or does it have to be a toe strap from the same model?
  7. Stiff boots with thick liner

    Hi snowboarders of the internet, here I am back cause I am desperate and need a help. I am sure that you read this story for many and the (not only toe but also ankle) pain. First a bit recap: I am from Slovakia (Europe), I am > 100kg and snowboarding for > 10 years and trying to...
  8. Set up a Directional twin as a twin?

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi guys I'm new to this forum. I recently picked up a 165w team exposure snowboard by Nitro. I have a background in wake boarding so really enjoy a twin feel but this board is a Directional twin... I set up my bindings so that it would have the same tip and tail length. I moved my rear...
  9. Salomon Huck Knife vs Nitro Team Exposure 2017

    Hey guys. 6ft0, 200lbs, size 11 burton boots (so really a size 10ish with shrinkage). Looking to grab a playful board for next season, that I will use in park but also all mountain groomers most of the time. Torn between a 158 Huck Knife, 157 or 159 Nitro Team Exposure 2017 (not sure about...
  10. K2 Happy Hour vs. Nitro Uberspoon - POLL

    I have the option of getting the K2 Happy Hour or the Nitro Uberspoon (both last years model) for the same price. I've wanted a Happy Hour for awhile now, but recently found out about the Uberspoon and it seems like something I'd really like. Anyone have any insight or comparison between the 2...
  11. New Board Advice

    Hey guys, back again with more annoying questions. Im gonna try to make this brief. Im 17, 5'9, 195, size 10 boot. Im an intermediate rider who rides in Vermont and Icy New England. Im looking to expand in my riding style. I want an all mountain board that is park oriented, playful enough for...
  12. Buyin used snowboard

    Hi guys, I have been snowboarding for 4 years now and i am planning on buying my first snowboard. I have found some deals on my local shopping site something like a craiglist. So i was wondering what are your opinions on used snowboards and old ones(2007). I am talking about nitro mfm(2007)...
  13. Nitro Team Gullwing 159 or 162 ?

    Hello, This is my first post and I'm just looking for some advice on board size. I want to buy my first board after years of renting and I've decided on a Nitro Team Gullwing. I'm 15 years old , 5'10'' , 145 pounds and boot size 11 ,but I will probably grow up to 6'2'' in the next couple of...
  14. Help with identifying snowboard

    Hi! There is a snowboard for sale (see picture). It's nitro, but I or the seller have no clue what model this is. Supposedly from 2013.. The length should be 162 or 163. Does any by any change can identify that?
  15. Horsefeathers jacket & pants question

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hello, I'm a rather inexperienced rider currently living in Serbia, Europe. I have a chance to buy a cheap pair of Horsefeathers pants (50% off) and a jacket from the same manufacturer. I currently don't have a pair of snowboarding pants and I have a Nitro Citizen jacket. My question is, how...
  16. Nitro Dilemma.

    Hey Everyone, Looking to get a new board for my setup. Im 6'4, 280lb and got a Size 15 Boot. Do I got with the 2015 Nitro Magnum (168 & 278 width) Nitro Magnum Snowboard - Wide | or The 2015 Nitro Prime Wide? (165 & 274 width) Nitro Prime Stacked Snowboard - Wide |...
  17. Binding for Nitro Pantera

    I just got a last seasons Nitro Pantera and am now on the lookout for suitable bindings. Found an offer for the Rome Targas from 2013. Can anyone recommend that combination or tell me why it's shit, if it is? I want to speed down the pist and take some backcountry lines if any show up.
  18. Nitro boots

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2013 Nitro team tls size 11 used for one season $180 or best offer!
  19. Top sheet Damage

    I got a brand new Nitro rook and tried it out for the first time the other weekend.. and i got home and looked at the top sheet and first thing i noticed is the edges of it were already chipped up and dinged up pretty bad. Should I do something about it? it seems pretty brutal since it was the...
  20. nitro rook topsheet damage?

    so i just took my new nitro rook from last season out yesterday.. got to say it's such a fun board would definitely recommend it.. but on the topsheet right where the topsheet and sidewall meet around the edges of the board the topsheets already so dinged up and little pieces of it are chipped...