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  1. surfer with yet another noob board question

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey folks, I'm a surfer from Cocoa Beach Florida and I've never snowboarded before. I have an opportunity to go snowboarding this winter - but I'm on a serious budget. With that in mind - I have a chance to get a bro deal from a local on on some older gear by trading a surfboard I have. Will...
  2. New And Looking for Snowboard Help!

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey! I'm a noob at snowboarding and so want to ride before this winter is over! I'm looking for a starting board (and I heard that it's terrible renting a board to try and learn on) so I want to find a cheap starting board so I can adjust next year when I get a feel for it! But I don't even know...
  3. 30 year old Beginner Snowboarder, Rules to follow?

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hello people, Name's Al, I'm from Bellevue WA and I am completely new to snowboarding. I've done it once at Baker and it was an awesome experience, so awesome that I just finished buying all my gear and I'm ready to go out to other/closer mountains and tackle the sport I've been dying to do...
  4. Advice re resorts in Colorado

    Intermountain US
    First, some quick background info - I have ridden Tahoe, CA (where I grew up) and Oregon (college and after) mountains. I've lived in Prague, the Czech Rep. the last 11 years, and gotten to ride some in the Alps. I have never ridden CO. Myself and 2 of my Czech friends will be in Denver...
  5. 5'8" man, 138cm board?

    I'm a noob snowboarder. I'm 5'7" - 5'8" and 144-147 lbs. I have a 138cm board. My question. Is this board too short?
  6. premium goggles - worth the $$?

    Outerwear and Accessories
    getting back into riding after a 10+ year absence. feeling like a noob with all of the tech change. can anyone tell me if spending big dollars on Anon m1/m2, smith i/o, oakley airbrake is worth it. there are so many goggles that sell at half the price. i'd hate to spend big money just to find...
  7. Complete noob, thinking of taking an intensive instructors course

    General Travel Forum
    I've never boarded or skied before but I'm interested in taking an instructors course. I've surfed a bit and picked it up quite easily and I've been told it's quite similar to snowboarding. The course I'm looking at will qualify me as a ski and snowboard instructor, but it'll cost me £5000...