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  1. Burton Nug

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    Really awesome board, comes with Burton Malivita ECT Bindings, its in great shape and shreds hard.
  2. Burton Nug

    I currently ride a Burton Process Flying V, 155 cm. I'm 5'9, 130 lbs, and am looking to downsize, as the 155 is pretty hard to press on, and almost impossible to butter with. I'm really getting into park riding, and would love to start buttering around the mountain. I want a board that is great...
  3. Burton Nug 146 or 150

    I've been riding a Burton Custom 156 (2010) for about three years now. I would like to buy a Burton Nug. It would be my first v-rocker. However... I went to a shop and the shop owner told me I would need a 150 because the 146 doesn't have that much stability (and the 146 was sold out). However...
  4. Burton Nug Flying V Restricted - fun ?

    Another forum friend is selling this years Burton Nug Flying V Restricted 146 for a good price ~$220. I am looking for a fun board to play around with all over the mountain. I read the good ride reviews and they concluded "awesome". Burton Nug Flying V 2014 Review, Rating System & Buyers Guide...
  5. LOOKING FOR BURTON NUG 10/11 to buy

    I've been riding the Burton nug for the past few seasons. I'm in love with the way it rides and I need a new board. If anyone is selling a mildly used board with no major damage. Please let me know. Again, I'm looking for the 2010/2011 burton nug 146cm(Blue) or 150cm(Orange). I'm willing to be...
  6. Burton Nug Rocks!

    Howdy all! I'm from Washington, D.C. and I'm spending my Spring Break out in Salt Lake City, Utah. I got an All Mountain Pass so I'm shredding the gnar gnar all over. I just wanted to take this chance to say how great the Burton Nug is. With the Raduction tech, the awesome v-rocker, and EST...
  7. Burton Nug.. smaller the better??

    Hey guys, Just picked up a Burton Nug Directional in size 144. I can't wait to try out this board this weekend at whistler, and I will def be writing up a review. On to my question. I had my choice of a 144 or a 148. I understand that you should ride this board 8-10cm smaller. I currently ride...