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  1. Advice: Flow NX2 vs SP vs Gnu Freedom

    Hi all, I'm looking for new rear-entry bindings for my Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro (The Fourth Phase), and I find it hard to choose between the Flow NX2 and the SP (or Gnu Freedom, also a fastec binding). I did search on the forum, but cannot find much on SP bindings. I did find threads...
  2. Stiff bindings: Targa, DM or NX2

    Hi folks. I look for really stiff and responsive bindings for soft boot carving and here is my list of candidates which I can buy in local shops: Flow NX2 2015 of Flow NX2-RS 2014 Rome Targa 2015 Flux DM 2014 I like Flow but I have fears about plastic caps on pivot points of highbacks because...
  3. FS: 2014 Flow NX2-SE Snowboard Bindings (L)

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey guys, for sale is a new and unused pair of 2014 Flow NX2-SE snowboard bindings in size LARGE (fits shoe size 7.5-11.5). The bindings retail for $329, they can be yours for $295 (no tax!). The set is one of Flow's top of the line models and decked out with tons of features including their...
  4. BRAND NEW 2014 Flow nx2 Freeballer bindings! NOT EVEN OUT YET!!!!

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I Recieved these in a trade for some car parts over on and dont know where else to sell them. dont know how to upload pics but text me at (216)8494706 if you're interested. i got these because the guy worked at a snowboard shop and flow gave them to him at a trade show. i will...