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old board

  1. How old is too old for a board?

    I recently outgrew my old board an am looking for a replacement. I am a student so I do not have a vast budget. I found a great deal on a board with bindings (although I don't need the bindings) for fairly cheap. The board was the Nitro Eero 2009. The ad says it was only used like 5 times which...
  2. Buyin used snowboard

    Hi guys, I have been snowboarding for 4 years now and i am planning on buying my first snowboard. I have found some deals on my local shopping site something like a craiglist. So i was wondering what are your opinions on used snowboards and old ones(2007). I am talking about nitro mfm(2007)...
  3. Burton 1990 Bone Out Bindings

    Hello! I am new to snowboarding and I have a few questions. I have at my home a 1990's Burton Air board with Bone Out Flex Bindings. The problem is since it being about 20 years old and not ridden much, or kept nicely the bindings are in bad shape and I should probably replace them before I...
  4. Help identifying this lib tech?

    i found this board that has apparently only been riden twice for 50 bucks i believe its an emma peel but dont know anything really, any help would be appreciated as i am to drive and meet up today. i currently am riding an alibi so i wonder if its an upgrade or downgrade given the possible...