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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Never worn, new with tags '22 Billabong A/Div Compass pants, men's large, in the army green colorway. These are 15k, 40g insulated, and 2L stretch fabric. Price includes shipping to the lower 48. Thanks for looking!
    $60 USD
  2. Outerwear and Accessories
    What outerwear do you rock and why do you love it?
  3. Outerwear and Accessories
    We are in the process of launching a new Snowboard/Ski gear company and are wanting to hear from the community about what they think is missing from the industry. We need your help, please respond and tell us what you would like to see in your gear. Thanks,
  4. Outerwear and Accessories
    I need this full checkerboard kit. Ideally L or XL. It’s the Vans Grunt jacket and pants from the 2006 season I believe. The same kit just recently sold online so I know it’s out there. If you have any leads please reply🙏 I love checkerboard and this is the best checkerboard kit I can find that...
  5. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hi all, I'm looking for a DWR hoodie with a zipper kangaroo pocket. Only one I found thus far is the Burton/Analog crux. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Outerwear and Accessories
    what's with these dudes? their jacket fell apart after like 3 sessions: i reached out to them 6 months ago (seriously, in May) and the owner Daniel got back to me. initially they were hesitant to give me any type of replacement b/c of the model jacket and when it was made. after going...
  7. Outerwear and Accessories
    So I bought this bib that is oversized for myself. the legs are a little bit longer which is how i like it but the body part is a little spacious for my torso since i'm slim. I'm about 6'2". Will this be a problem later if the body part of the bib is roomy?
  8. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey Guys! Just wanted to put up a little post about my new outerwear company I established with my partner in 2015! We offer high quality tall riding hoodies that's been sold world wide. It would be super dope if you guys could let us know what you think of our Tall Riding Hoodies. You guys...
  9. Outerwear and Accessories
    I've just bought the Anon Aera women's snowboard helmet in a size small which is 55cm-57cm and then swapped it for x-small which is 53cm-55cm! I measured my head to be between 54cm and 55cm. Can anyone recommend whether I should go for the larger (small) or stick with the x-small? The x-small...
  10. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Do you feel your jacket from five years ago just doesn't cut it? Are your seams popping harder than bottles in the VIP booth? Do you get wet without wanting to? Chances are you need some new outerwear. I have tons and tons of outerwear you will need, not want, but NEED!!! So lets see if we can...
  11. Outerwear and Accessories
    KEEP CALM AND SNOWBOARD ALL FUCKING DAY. thought you guys might like this :p
  12. Outerwear and Accessories
    i just bought a size large jacket online. nice jacket, but my god it is BIG. i am 5'11, 195lbs and the large fits huge. do all of their products fit this way? its this jacket FYI Homeschool Snowboarding Cosmos 2.5L Shell Jacket | evo outlet
  13. Outerwear and Accessories
    i don't LOVE the color but the price is right (would cost me around $100) 20k/20k shell, which is what i want Airblaster Yeti Jacket - Men's | thoughts? can i do better?
  14. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Alright it's that time of the year again where I realize I have too much stuff sitting around that I have no use for and need to make some quick cash. Plus there's that whole paying rent thing. Like the Angry Snowboarder website? Want to show your support? Well then you're in luck because I...
  15. Outerwear and Accessories
    I’m in a real big debacle here, I need a new jacket. Well I don’t really need one but mine is getting pretty cruddy… Anyways I am 5’4 about 130 pounds and I do prefer a bit more slimmer cut on pants and jackets. I just bought the burton destro pants a month or two ago and love them. Very...
  16. Outerwear and Accessories
    Pow Inc. Acquires Holden Outerwear | shredz skateshop Lots of rumours that Holden Outerwear was going out of business this year and it looks like they just got bought out. Kind of sad news as I was always really hyped on supporting Mike LeBlanc when I bought a jacket… The good news is that...
  17. Outerwear and Accessories
    I'm thinking about buying the 2014 Burton Cargo pants. I'm 5'8'' 170 33 in. waist. I was wondering if any of you have any experience with these pants and could help me decide what size to buy. I like my pants a little baggy but not super baggy. I would like to leave room to wear like pair of...
  18. Boots
    So last year was my first year with my own equipment, I bought a starter board, starter bindings (basically uncomfortable stuff, didn't know if I was going to like boarding, I fell in love, anyways....) and I bought good outerwear, or so I thought. I bought the burton moto boots, love the...
1-18 of 22 Results