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  1. Snow Board Overhang is this too much?

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    I just recently bought a DC Focus 153cm snowboard and I am a size 11 boot, I was wondering if this would be too much overhang and would cause heel/toe drag, if someone could help me out and give me some feed back that would be awesome! I have the pictures posted below.
  2. Binding Overhang

    Hey guys just got my first board and was able to get a pair of Union Force's from a friend and was wondering if this was too much overhang? I wear a size 11 boot and these are Large Bindings. My boards a 154cm width 25.2. I ride goofy with +18 on the front foot and -15 on the back. Thanks!
  3. Doubt between two lengths K2 Subculture

    Last week I bought the K2 Subculture 158, but after doing some research on board sizing I doubt if I shouldn't have bought the 156. I'm 180 cm (5'10") long, and my weight is about 73 kg (160 lbs). I'm an intermediate all-mountain - freestyle rider. I have US size 10 boots, and on the 158 I...
  4. Do I have too much toe and heel overhang?

    Hey I was just wondering if I have too much toe and heel overhang. I have a burton process flying V 157 with large burton mala vita bindings and a 10.5 size burton photon boa boots. Ill attach some photos. Thanks!
  5. Too much binding overhang?

    Hey, So I put L/XL Union Ultras on my Arbor Guch 162, and this is the result. I am a bit worried that the binding overhang (2mm +-1) will cause drag. I am wearing size 11 boots, so I could get M/L if that is too much overhang, although they might be a bit more of pain when it comes to straping...
  6. Boots - is this the right fit?

    Hi everyone! Long time reader, first time writer here! Maybe someone has some bigfoot issues too, so this my be helpful for some of you. Since I got a US size 12 foot (30 mondo), a struggled for a lot of time to get a proper fitting boot that would also let me ride without toe/heel drag. And...
  7. Overhang

    Hi all, I've just started snowboarding recently and have been loving it. I bought some used gear online this week and I have an overhang issue. I bought a 155 Ride Control Tesselation Snowboard Medium Burton Progression Bindings Atomic Sniper Boats - 9 1/2 US I am 5'11 and around 165/170...