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  1. Foot cramping up while snowboarding?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Ok, first of all: I wasn't sure where to post this and second of all, I'm new here, Hiiii. I've been snowboarding at least once a year since 2012. I only had a teacher fro 4 days and the rest is self taught. I learned how to snowboard relatively easy without much problem. I wouldn't say I'm...
  2. High instep pain

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what snowboard boot I should get for my high instep foot. High instep means the top of my foot goes higher then most, meaning I get a lot of pressure pushing down on my foot from snowboard boots. This causes pain and numbness in my feet...
  3. New boots hurting toe

    Hi all I'm sure this is a very common question but i've purchased new boots and was told by the store assistant that the sizing was correct if not even possibly too big. I am a size 11 UK shoe and just bought a pair of ThirtyTwo lashed boots but when i stand up straight my big toe is pressing...
  4. Physio help for Shoulder pains 5 MONTHS LATER! HELP!

    Slam Section
    In March 2015 I went to the mountains for the very first time and took a nasty fall on the last day, it shook me up a fair bit, but cam e away feeling slightly achy. Then for about 2 months I had a fair bit of shoulder pain. It went away for 3 months, but now it's back and worse than ever! I...
  5. Will heat molding help my boots?

    Hello, I have 2 pair of boots, and both boots have a problem. The first boots are Nitro boots, and my right foot is getting pressured by the top of the boot. The second boots are Deeluxe, on my right foot my big toe and small toe are getting pressured alot from the sides (too small toebox?)...
  6. After years, boots suddenly hurt. Help!

    Hey all, So I have a pair of K2 Darkos that I bought back in 2010, size 10. I realize I got them a bit bigger than I should have (sneaker size is a 10) but for years they were super comfortable, but now all of a sudden I am getting a pinch/pain near the bottom of the right pinky toe/outside...
  7. just got out of hosital

    Slam Section
    tacoed a rail filming with scotty vine... almost ruptured my colon... awesome :thumbsdown: been poop blood for days. anyone else have that ish happen?
  8. Knees

    Snowboarding General Chat
    i just started snowboarding this season, im onto harder blue runs, nothing to wild.;) my knees would always kill after i rode i thought from falling on them too much. Now i can get around and i dont really fall all that much, my knee still kill after ridding. i have a feeling its my stance. Im...
  9. Pain riding Burton Motos

    Hello, I have a simple boot question. I have a pair of 2006 Burton Motos. When ever I use them the first 5 runs my feet will kill me. It will hurt right at the arch of the boot towards the heel. Has anyone else experienced this. Thanks