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  1. Boots
    Hello, I recently bought my first snowboard so I didn't have to keep hiring. The people I bought it off gave me some boots as well. I was wondering if there was any way to dye them to just black. Right now they're yellow. Thanks.
  2. Boards
    My girlfriend was given a burton big gulp board and the customer wants a biggie painting on the top. Any suggestions on how she can get it done? She’s an artist who uses oil paint on canvas so this is out of her comfort zone. Thank you for any advice !
  3. Bindings
    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has any experience with painting bindings, specifically the foam bits on the base and high backs. I'm not terribly worried about the paint chipping off after a year or so, but more worried about some paints eating away at the foam (I have just purchased a cheap...
  4. Boots
    I have burton invader boots and they are black and white, i would like to change the sole of the boot to red or something like that. Any idea what paint to use?
1-4 of 4 Results