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park board

  1. ordered a super pig but now im scared

    I ordered a super pig because I wanted a stiffer park all-mountain board. angry snowboarder said it was medium flex but now I've heard people calling it super stiff I got this because on the ride website they have it listed as a park board. anyone with any experience has an accurate insight on...
  2. What park/freestyle board should I get?

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Whats up guys! First post on the forums and yes it is another "What board should I get" post :wink: Haven't seen a lot of park board forums for 2016 so thought Id make this to help myself and others out. I've recently been looking for a new board since the snowboarding season is approaching...
  3. HELP! Sizing!

    So I've been riding a K2 Raygun ( first board ) for the last six years. Its a 153 and i'm 5'10 about 175 lbs. I'm looking to buy a Ride Burnout as a new park board and although the sizing chart says I should get a 155 I'm not sure if I want to buy a park board that is bigger than my all-mountain...
  4. Park Board Size

    Hey guys, I've been looking into a new park board and I got my eyes set on the Ride burnout hooked up with some Rome 390 Boss bindings. Only thing is I'm not sure how much smaller to go for a park to as compared to my typical all-mountain board (K2 Raygun). The sizes I am thinking are either 152...
  5. Best Park Board?

    Im looking at getting a new board this year, i just ordered some Union Force bindings. I was recommended Rome Artifact. Thats my main choice right now but want some more opinions . I am 5"4' 150 . i want something in the range of 145-147 i think that is a good jib size for me, i primarily like...
  6. DC PBJ or StepChild Latchkey?

    I'm a fairly new park rider and I'm looking to get more aggressive in the park scene, I plan on riding 70% park 30% All mtn. What board would you guys recommend? I plan on doing more rails and boxes the jumps, and when i do jump nothing crazy. Would you recommend the DC PBJ or the StepChild...
  7. Womens Park Board

    I am looking to get a new board for riding park for next season. I am 5'8", an intermediate-advanced rider, 140lbs and my boot size is 8.5. I want a womens park board that can handle jumps, rails and jibbing. Im going to be focusing a lot on rails next year and the biggest jump at my ski hill is...
  8. Never summer snow trooper question.

    Whats up everybody. New to the forum and really need some help with a question. Ive been snowboarding for about 2 years now. Never park just cruising around the mountain. And this year i really wanted to try out park and rally enjoyed.I was riding a crappy board before so i decided to get myself...
  9. Selling a board - great price

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    My board's about 2 years old. It's a Technine and it works great in the park. The flat camber makes it a really fun jibstick, but I found that it works well on the rest of the mountain, too. I'm selling it for 160, and the original price was 270. I'm willing to bargain a little. The Union Force...
  10. Park Board Suggestions?

    Hey guys, I am looking for suggestions for a new park board. Currently I have a Ride Baretta but it just doesn't handle the best in the park. I would love to have a board that has alot of flex to it, soft to medium soft. For reference I'm 5'10, 160 lbs and wear a size 10 women's boot. I...
  11. Slash happy place vs lobster park board

    What do u think about these 2 boards? looking for a buttery board that is decent in all mountain. both graphics are pretty sick. Maybe the happy place is better in all should be a little stiffier than the lobster. Any opinions about this 2 boards?
  12. Best 2014 park board?

    I am looking for a new park board in the 2014 sales. I'm deciding to buy a 2014 cheap or wait for the 2015 Arbor Westmark. I do alot of jibbing and rails. I'm 6'1 166lbs. Any thoughts on the Westmark or other good boards i should check out?
  13. First ever park board...

    So, for many years now my snowboarding aim has been to try and get to the bottom of the mountain as fast as possible and hence I own stiff boards for bombing. But... I'd like to advance and learn some new skills so have decided to buy a park board. I've read reviews and seen what is available in...
  14. Intermediate here, need some advice on board size!!

    Hey fellow riders, I have been riding 'seriously' for about 3-4 seasons now (appx. 8-10 a year) and I currently ride a Jones mountain twin 164cm W board which I love. Recently I purchased a K2 WWW 158cm W (have yet to ride it) for a really good price too delve further into the park. I am about...
  15. Ordered a board but still undecided...

    I'm 6'1" and 135lbs (yes I'm 135) and I wear 11-11.5 boots. I bought the Union Contact last February and I love them! So this year I'm renewing my stuff, but I'm keeping the Union. I picked up the T. Rice Pro HP 157 (I prefer to ride smaller boards) since it's lightweight and excellent for jump...
  16. Which Board to Jib and Spin?

    Hey guys and gals, Can you help me choose between these boards? 11/12 155cm Arbor Draft $185 12/13 154cm K2 Fastplant $130 12/13 154cm Signal Flat Park $115 12/13 154cm Rome Reverb Rocker $95 I am 5'11", 170lbs, with a size 10.5 feet. I am more of a freerider and have been riding a relatively...
  17. Freestyle snowboard

    Hi, I am looking to get a new board for the upcoming season. I want to focus more on jibbing and freestyle. I would like a board that is flexible enough to butter, nose/tail press, but still be stiff enough to hit medium size kickers. I am 6' weigh 140 and boot size 11, thanks.
  18. New Board 2013

    Hey guys, this is my first post, and I'm in need of YOUR help. I have a Bataleon Goliath, the first snowboard I've ever purchased and ridden, but alas, it's time for a new ride. I want a playful board that will be easy to press and slide, as well as a board that can handle the rest of the...
  19. 2012/2013 Lobster Park Board

    General Reviews
    I'll start off by saying I'm really new to snowboarding... So this review will really only be beneficial to the beginner/intermediate rider. I've been skateboarding for 16 years, and quit skiing in my early teenage years. I'd started skiing at a really young age. A family member was an...
  20. FS: Stepchild JP Walker 154 - Practically New!

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    All - I'm selling a brand new JP Walker 154 Park Board. I took it out of the plastic and rode two runs at Killington. The board doesn't fit my style - but maybe it fits yours! Check out my ebay auction Message me - we can work something out!