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  1. Park board suggestions?

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum but I have been snowboarding a very long time now. I usually have a more aggressive type of riding but I am trying to get more involved in the park, and I am looking for a good park board. I have a couple of boards I have my eyes on and I would really like your...
  2. Is this too much change?

    Hey! I started riding last season and got about 20 days in. I picked it up pretty quick, and while the resorts in my area have pretty short runs, I’m confident riding their double blacks. I ride a 158 Park Platinum 2020 from Signal. Boot size 10.5 Large bindings, I’m 5’9” 200lb. I’m enjoying...
  3. ordered a super pig but now im scared

    I ordered a super pig because I wanted a stiffer park all-mountain board. angry snowboarder said it was medium flex but now I've heard people calling it super stiff I got this because on the ride website they have it listed as a park board. anyone with any experience has an accurate insight on...
  4. Help finding the perfect board

    I have a Burton Process Flying V, it’s good but after trying my friends board which is a zero camber I have liked it. It felt more aggressive than my board. My first question is which is better for park, and riding on the mountain like carving, butters and finding the little jumps on the side of...
  5. Need help hitting hop on rails.

    Snowboarding General Chat
    So i’ve been snowboarding for about 5 years now and i have done park for about the same time. My issue is I feel like i’m not progressing at all. I get hurt etc. My riding is pretty advanced at this time. 50/50 on hop ons is killing me. We have this decently high round rails (candy canes, tubes...
  6. Bindings type freestyle for Yes GREATS 2018

    Hi I have a Yes Grets 2018 - 156cm board, and I would like to have some advice on the level of bindings. What bindings model can I use to have a freestyle park/shred on this board? Thank you, good ride.
  7. Big guy looking for a park/all mountain snowboard

    Lobster Sender 162w vs Halldor Pro 159w Hey guys! Im 6ft 4in 210lb looking for a park board that can do it all. Im interested in the Lobster sender in 162w but ideally I want a true twin. I have also considered the Halldor pro in a 159w (not sure if 159 would be too small). Let me know...
  8. Tips for take off/landings

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I am not new to snowboarding, have been hitting smaller boxes and rails and medium to large terrain jumps but on the same rental board for a whole season and felt very comfortable on that board. I would generally take off of the lips for the park features and jumps completely flat and straight...
  9. Flux DS vs Union Force

    I'm looking for a solid park binding. i narrowed my choices down to these too. Please give your input. I'm open for other suggestions but please stay between these two bindings and give feedback about these two.
  10. What Park Bindings should I get?

    I am currently looking for a softer flex park binding and I'm very indecisive. I ride a Bataleon Global Warmer. Please give your suggestions on what the go to bindings are!
  11. Park Bindings

    I need some suggestions for good bindings for freestyle. I wanted to get them in red if possible but that's not a requirement. Something very forgiving but having good support to take on jumps going fast. Help please.
  12. Rome Artifact Rocker vs Camber

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    2015-2016 Rome Artifact Rocker vs Camber Whats up guys, I made a post last week in regards to what park boards i should look into. This week I caught my eye on the Rome Artifact Rocker for a killer price. Been thinking about it but not sure if the Rocker or Camber would be better. Im concerned...
  13. Park board in Pow

    So I'm from Michigan, going to college in Steamboat, CO. In Michigan, park is all there is to do, so I have a Ride Crook. Steamboat gets dumped on, so I'm looking forward to mad pow, brah. I know I should invest in a powder board, but I just can't spend that kind of money. I figure if I set my...
  14. Always Bangers 2015/2016 Edits

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while. I decided to get on to help suppress the summer drought and share some videos that some friends and I made this past season. We're by no means amazing but we love what we do and always have an awesome time. Feel free to leave any kind of...
  15. Signal Park Flat or comparable board?

    Hey guys, I recently moved to the PNW and am finally picking up the sport again. So it's time to stop with the rentals and my 2004 Clash and pick up a new board! I'm an intermediate rider and the Signal Park Flat 2013 really caught my eye. Unfortunately, I can't find it for sale anywhere (even...
  16. need advice on new park board

    Yo, im in my second season boarding. i basically just hit the park and do butters. I sometimes go off track but not too much. im basically just keen for a park setup. i want to get good pop, learn flips, do rails and all that jazz. im 5ft 11. weigh around 170 pounds. i also need a wide board...
  17. HELP! Sizing!

    So I've been riding a K2 Raygun ( first board ) for the last six years. Its a 153 and i'm 5'10 about 175 lbs. I'm looking to buy a Ride Burnout as a new park board and although the sizing chart says I should get a 155 I'm not sure if I want to buy a park board that is bigger than my all-mountain...
  18. Park Board Size

    Hey guys, I've been looking into a new park board and I got my eyes set on the Ride burnout hooked up with some Rome 390 Boss bindings. Only thing is I'm not sure how much smaller to go for a park to as compared to my typical all-mountain board (K2 Raygun). The sizes I am thinking are either 152...
  19. Stomp pads

    Outerwear and Accessories
    I honestly just want to know how they make stomp pads. like what machinery is used? how do they make them?
  20. Best Park Board for Size 13 Feet

    HI Guys... I already have a great Lib Tech Skunk Ape for an all terrain mountain board and I love it but i am looking for something to play around with on the parks only for boxes, rails, small jumps and general play. I love Lib Tech and would prefer to stay within that range and in...