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  1. Boards
    help!11,5 boots on a 154 bataleon airobic (or lobster parkboard) do u think i can handle it with large stance and angles? i dont rly care about massive carves.. just want to butter around a bit : D anyone with a 11,5 on regular boards? the airobic should be quite a wide board overall.. and is so...
  2. Bindings
    hi! im looking for a cheap park binding for a lobster parkboard. What do u think about the ride bindings? i think the ex should be ok.. maybe a bit on the stiffer side. or the kx that is softer but probabily less durable in fact it is even cheaper..Any raccomandation?
  3. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi I'm looking to trade my 151 K2 fastplant for a 2011+ K2 WWW rocker. If this isn't possible I will let it go for 350.00 plus shipping. Message me with any questions I'll try and post pictures but it is in pretty good condition.
  4. Boards
    So I am trying to get into Park riding a little more cuz I am usually an allmountain-freeride rider. My ability level in the park is intermediate, i can do a 180 jump boxes, do some grabs (nose tail indie) and 50/50 a straight rail. Does anyone have a suggestion on which board i should get for...
  5. Boards
    Hey everyone. I have been riding rome artifact for 5 years now (2008,2009,2010 models). And I want to switch to something better for jumping. Simply saying I am looking for good park board that I can do rails on and jump at the bigger ramps. I am intermediate rider. I have been testing some...
1-5 of 5 Results