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  1. Boards
    Super interested to know if anyone knows much about this PBR libTech board. I know a lot of times the beer boards are not the greatest but I heard lib tech hooked this thing up and wanted to see if anyone could confirm that?? I think the size is 160 but have not been able to confirm that either...
  2. Bindings
    Hey guys I want to buy large or XL Pabst blue ribbon PRB union Bindings . I have a PBR board I’d love to have matching bindings . Not to ride , just for quiver. Can someone help me find someone with them for sale ? not the $1500 pair on eBay thanks lol
  3. Boards
    Brand spanking new, never saw snow. Hand Made in Canada, Endeavour Pabst Blue Ribbon Series 157cm Very rare bottle cap graphic, Super hard size to find in these boards. Light weight, super dope board, will be the envy of a lot of PBR fans at the slopes. MSRP 599.00 CAD+ Tax Asking 549.00 CAD...
1-3 of 3 Results