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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2023 Model : Jones Flagship 165 Wide $560 shipped $699+tax retail Great freeride deck, brand new still in wrapper. A bit too big for me, looking to size down. PM me any questions!
    $560 USD
  2. Boards
    I found a good deal on a 152 Storm Chaser that im interested in and im wondering if it would overlap to much with my 158 Mind Expander. I love the Mind Expander but want something shorter for Tight trees/Japan.
  3. Bindings
    Hello! Based on this thread here where I asked for board recommendations, I bought a 2022 Salomon HPS Takaharu Nakai (161cm) : Salomon HPS lineup - Thougts for carving, groomers and pow (thanks again! waiting for the delivery). There was some recommendations for bindings and I'd like to...
  4. Boards
    I bought a 151 slush slasher for myself because I wanted more of a powder board (longer board) but still wanted to be able to jib a little bit. Is this going to be more trouble than good because of the size or is it not a problem? I’ve been second guessing it because I feel like my size 155 5,10...
  5. Snowboarding General Chat
    I am in my second season of snowboarding and I am a little confused on when to set back my snowboard stance. Specifically how much powder would there need to be before you would consider this? I get the board and the type of snow would likely influence this decision. I would imagine 3 to 4...
  6. Boards
    Hey guys, I am looking for a new pow board to add to my quiver, for my next Japan trip. The only two things I really want it to do is pow and carve, so I have been looking at boards like the -Spring Break Slush Slasher -Telos Backslash -Endeavour Archetype (160w) -Bataleon Surfer I am 6"2 and...
  7. Boards
    Hi all, Looking to pull the trigger on a pow board this year. I'm 6'0" 185lbs, size 10.5-11 boot. Currently riding a 159 Never Summer Raptor, which I really like, but do wish it was a tad longer for steeper / icier lines. I've had my eye on the Jones Hovercraft and am debating between a 156...
  8. Boards
    Whats up, iv narrowed it down and have definitly decided i want a smokin board, and found the team series and superpark seem to be the best options for me. I ride all Colorado mtns so lots of great pow at times which i love but i mostly ride park. Id like a board that would be great for park...
  9. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    I thought I might as well too????? Here's an edit I made from season last, during a few days in The Land of The Rising Pants!!!!! * It's on Vimeo at least!!!!! :unsure: 64122720 ~ Nishredko ~ Niseko, Japan, Powder 2013 on Vimeo * Critique unwelcome!!!!! :huh:
  10. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    i have a never summer legacy. plenty big enough to handle. looking at about 24" of fresh powder. never ridden pow before. should i drop my bindings back a bit? right now they're completely centered.
  11. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hope you enjoy and sorry if everyone already saw it.
  12. Boards
    Hi all first post for me. So I sold/selling the two boards I rode last year and picked up two new boards for this year. I didnt like how the boards I had last year were too specific. I want to get your opinions on which of the new boards I should ride on a big pow days. Sold/Selling 2013...
  13. Boards
    Hey everyone, i have switched through 4 boards last year and currently have the 2012 rome mod rocker. Im done switching so i need to make one last purchase and it needs to fit my needs. I am an all mountain rider and like park and backcountry. I was looking at the -lib tech trs 2013 -lib tech...
  14. Boards
    :yahoo: Leaves are colouring, times are changing, board shops are full, and its time to empty out my wallet Been working at Sunshine Village for the past the 3years riding my Burton Sherlock. An amazing board that could handle it all from park- to endless pow lines in Revelstoke. But now the...
  15. Boards
    Howdy, I'm looking for a starter all-around powder board. Something that works well enough anywhere from tight trees to big open faces...and won't kill me on the groomers. Charlie Slasher looks like great value, and I've heard some good things. From guys who've ridden it, does this board do...
  16. Boards
    Hey guys, Just picked up a Burton Nug Directional in size 144. I can't wait to try out this board this weekend at whistler, and I will def be writing up a review. On to my question. I had my choice of a 144 or a 148. I understand that you should ride this board 8-10cm smaller. I currently ride...
  17. General Travel Forum
    Hey Guys, So I'm flying to Banff solo from Jan.9th to 17th. I was wondering what some good bars are and if anyone wants to catch a few pow days or beers since I know noone! I ride mostly glades or will be just dicking around on the hill, might make some park runs if it feels right. 23 years...
  18. Night pow

1-18 of 18 Results