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  1. Quiver Expansion Questions

    Hi all! Thinking about adding a new board to the quiver and not much opportunity to demo stuff so have to mostly rely on research and suggestions. I've been splitting time between a Hovercraft for powder and a Lib Tech TRS for everything else for some time now. Feeling like I've hit my limit...
  2. How much POW before you think about setting your stance back?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    I am in my second season of snowboarding and I am a little confused on when to set back my snowboard stance. Specifically how much powder would there need to be before you would consider this? I get the board and the type of snow would likely influence this decision. I would imagine 3 to 4...
  3. Snowboarding powder for 1st time

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Hi guys in a couple weeks I'm off to Japan to spend a week on the slopes and i was wondering about the differences of riding deep snow compared to standard main run stuff. I am a beginner, I've only had a couple of days with a board, so any advice will be much appreciated.
  4. Burton Mystery Malolo vs Lib Tech Orca

    First of all this is a comparison based on opportunity. I am searching for a powder board for coming trip to Japan (January 2020). I have a Burton Deep thinker which is my fall back plan if I don't find a better board. I like the deep thinker in groomer but I havn't tried it in deep powder and...
  5. K2 Party Platter vs Ride Warpig vs Jones Mind Expander

    Hey for everyone, I've been snowboarding for 2 years. On my first year, I rent my gears. Last year I bought my gears. You can find the topic which I created last year in my profile. I cannot add the link for my old thread due to insufficient post count. I have Rome Factory Rocker. So, I used...
  6. Svalbard

    Backcountry Trip Reports
    Wgen w svalbard with no place to live. suddenly we understood on the airport. We luckily go somplace to sleep ad started an awseme trip. Got to ride Trollsteine and someplae random between barentsburg and logyearbyen. Video says a 1000 words x 48fps
  7. Looking for some advices

    Hello, First post here. Was looking for adding a new board in my quiver: short board with deep sidecut, wide-ish WW and narrow-ish stance width. I've come down to a few choices: 1. Skeleton key 2. Stun gun 3. Mind Expander Although I'd like to get all of them, that wouldn't go well with my...
  8. Help! Did I buy my first powder board too long?

    Aloha shredders! I bought my first-ever, exclusively pow board. Burton Day Trader with Lexa bindings. Long story short, I thought I was buying a 145 but it turned out to be a 150. There was a "spec sheet" covering the length, and the shop manager told me it was 145 and the PERFECT size for me...
  9. Directional Aggressive all-mt/Freeride boards

    Currently have a 163 custom flying v and a 162 rome blur. I absolutely love my blur for carving groomers and just charging the mountain in general, but doesn't seem to float as easily in good amounts of powder even though its a "fusion camber" (seems just about traditional camber too me). So I...
  10. Big Mountain Intimidation and how to conquer it?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    hey all, so a little background on myself. i am purely an intermediate, east coast rider. can handle most of what the east coast throws at me - at least on the trail. tight trees can be a different story. anyhow, last week i took my second ever trip out West. we hit Park City, The Canyons and...
  11. easy carving board for ice and powder

    Hi guys, would love a specific recommendation please. I get confused with so much info/tech out there I currently own a salomon fastback 167 (i think it was the precursor to the Burner). I've been riding for about 12 years and am pretty comfortable on all of the mountain. However, these days...
  12. Innsbruck Powder board hire

    Western Europe
    I'm gonna be in Innsbruck in January and I'd like to hire a Powder board (I own a park board). Does anyone know any good rental stores, Google only shows me ordinary ones?
  13. 2016/2017 Rossignol XV 159 Like NEW

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi, I bought a Rossignol XV 159 in April 2017 to take with me on a trip to Whistler. I was looking for something a bit less stiff than my Flagship. The board absolutely crushed it and charges hard. Floated in powder and carved better than my Flagship. However, it was still a bit too stiff. I...
  14. Help in change of board for powder and more

    I've been riding for 8 years on a K2 Darkstar 157 (2008). I like fast carving and have experimented with powder. But I also like the flexibility in the K2, but wanted to step it up and also find a board that rides better in powder. I guess I'm in between freeride and all mountain, but doesn't...
  15. 2017 Burton family tree Gatekeeper 159

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2017 Burton family tree Gatekeeper 159 Some lift line scratches and dings on the top sheet but base is in perfect like new condition. $450 shipped to lower 48.
  16. New Freestyle Powder Board

    Advice for a New Freestyle Powder Board Hi all, been riding for almost 15 years now and have rode nearly every brand snowboard at some point or another. I'll be moving from Park City to Jackson in November and would really like to get a freestyle-powder specific board anywhere from 150-157...
  17. Park board in Pow

    So I'm from Michigan, going to college in Steamboat, CO. In Michigan, park is all there is to do, so I have a Ride Crook. Steamboat gets dumped on, so I'm looking forward to mad pow, brah. I know I should invest in a powder board, but I just can't spend that kind of money. I figure if I set my...
  18. What aspects of a powder board can aid with cliff drops & backcountry hits?

    I was looking to expand my quiver and definitely in the market for a powder board. However i'm not really sure what aspects of a board can aid in sticking landings into powder and was wondering what they would be? I understand nothing can compensate for correct skill and technique, however...
  19. East coaster headed out West (Utah) for the first time ever, March 3-7th...

    General Travel Forum
    ...and the forecast is NOT looking great right now :crying:
  20. Orange/Red Salomon 166W board

    Hi All I have ridden a Salomon 166W snowboard for a number of years (many I cannot remember but at least 5 or 6 maybe as many as 7 or 8 - so many the board has basically worn out. All I know about the board is that it is flat bottomed and an orangey/red colour with no pattern and a black base...