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  1. Flow Isis - Cable Pin Issues?

    I have been endlessly searching the net for ANY info on this subject, and had no success. I just got some Isis bindings, and i am wondering if anybody who has the fusion style set up can help me out, as for, the stupid pin that actually holds the cable in the slot, onto the base plate, seems...
  2. A big problem with snowboarding

    Okay so, a few months ago my professor told me to do some research on something that interests me and a problem that people have in that activity. So naturally I chose snowboarding and I thought that this would probably be the best site to go to for information from other snowboarders. I'm...
  3. Helmet Question

    General Equipment Reviews.
    Wasn't sure where to post this, if this is in the wrong thread can someone move it please? Anyways, this year I recently broke my jaw in two different places. This wouldn't of been such a big deal, except that I am not allowed to snowboard w/out a full faced helmet. I got a RG-1(Ruroc), but...
  4. Problem With Rome 390 Boss

    Hello all, I have a pair of 2011/2012 390 Boss's I have had a few problems with them: -my toe straps has opened up a few times while riding (not the latch but the other part of the strap thats is not suppose to open) -the latch on my ankle strap has opened up while riding. -the thing...