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  1. Finding Time to Snowboard

    Northeast US
    Edit: Thanks for the input everyone! I think it's safe to say my ship has sailed at this point, which sucks but it is what it is. I'm prepared for the delay college will bring in terms of getting out on the mountains very often, and I'm pretty content with snowboarding for the fun. Who knows...
  2. Inquiry: Who would buy used Snowboard equipment from professional Snowboarders?

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey everyone, my name is Fabi, i´m from Germany near Munich, 21 years old and i start this survey for my College (please excuse my English). What my survey is about: I wanna know from you guys if you had the opportunity to buy some used snow gear, for example hardgoods like bindings, boots...
  3. Who's your favourite Pro boarder?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    So I've been recently been watching lot of the Slope style,and a bit of halfpipe,building up to the Olympics,mainly on YouTube as I don't have Sky. But anyway as I want to get more involved in all aspects of snowboarding, started following Pro riders on twitter. Who's your favourite rider and...
  4. Spending money on coaching and comps?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    So, I'm a girl and I turned 18 in September. Is it too old to still be on a team this year and compete? I have won comps, but they are all in Idaho soooo. I just feel bad for my parents spending 1000 bucks on a snowboard team which they could be using towards tuition. I can do backflips...