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  1. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Like the title says, I've been riding for 7 years now, 5 in the park, and I haven't gotten any better in the last 3 years. I have noticed improvement in other areas like hardcore carving and buttering, but especially my jibbing has stayed the same for the longest time. I have backboards, 50-50s...
  2. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Never actually rode more than 10 days a season and this time I successfully made it 22 days riding on snow. Although the season is about the end, I feel so happy to see the improvements I made through this season. Still not a great rider here but can't wait to get better in the next season...
  3. Boards
    Hello I am looking to buy my first snowboard, I’ve been going for about 3 years and can ride all slopes and can handle offpist and powder. My main question about what snowboard to buy is: should i buy a less good snowboard (like a beginner one) or should i buy a better one that I think I will be...
  4. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I recently made a gopro park edit from one of our days up at the park and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to improve my style and riding? tricks to progress too? How to learn frontside spins? All feedback is really appreciated!
  5. Snowboarding General Chat
    How long did your snowboard progression take? your first 360? your first tame dog? I'm just kinda curious! i'd like to hear anyones voices.
1-5 of 5 Results