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  1. Upper body armour opinions

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Hello, I had never really thought about wearing one but tried one in a shop yesterday and it does not feel as restrictive as I imagined. I did not try it with a backpack tough. The model is Forcefield Pro Vest XV with a CE 2 protection. It has both back and front protection. Anyone riding...
  2. soft vs hard spine protectors?

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hi was recently diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back (L4-L5) my doctor suggested that i snowboard with some sort of lower back belt(not a must, but it might help) since i don't REALLY need it i am aiming for something affordable. it comes down to these three (can't post any links...
  3. Are nose and tail protectors good?

    Hey fells I'm just buying a new board was wondering if it's worth getting some nose and tail protectors? Do they hurt your performance? Or? Give me some info on these please :) Like that...
  4. Wrist protection (Broke wrist Vid and pics inside)

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey Guys, What do you guys think is best for wrist protection? I broke my scaphoid 2 years ago and needed a screw put in. This year when the season was still young I broke my radius in my other arm/hand and required a plate. I was wearing wrist guards the second time. So now I have hardware...
  5. FS: Brand New Forcefield Race Lite Vest FF9001, size Medium (UK Only)

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Please see post on Goneboarding forum if interested: For Sale: FOR SALE: Brand New Forcefield Race Lite Vest FF9001, size Medium | GONEboarding UK only. Thanks
  6. Full length impact pants

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on these? I am thinking of getting some soon - my intention being that they will replace having to wear base-layer pants, impact shorts and knee pads. All I have found so far are these Forcefield Pro Pants | Forcefield Body Armour Has anyone used...
  7. Impact shorts for women?

    Outerwear and Accessories
    My wife is learning how to snowboard- she's taken a few good tailbone hits and the pain has really hampered her learning. I've been shopping around for the best tailbone protection I can find for her, but there seems to not be much for the ladies out there. Demon hardtail, Skeletools and...
  8. Protective Clothing

    Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey, I'm looking into buying some protective clothing for boarding this year, preferably some i can use for mountain biking too in the summer. I for sure am gonna get some shorts/pants with tailbone protection, and maybe knee/shin pads too. I'd like to get soft padding instead of hard so it...