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  1. 2021 Never Summer Proto Synthesis for buttering?

    The proto synthesis is a Medium flex; rates it at a 6 stiffness. Would I be able to learn presses and butters on this board? I need a really wide board because I am getting into euro carve territory, and the protosynthesis is being offered in 280mm waist width. Most soft flex boards...
  2. Never Summer Type2 Review - (bye bye Ladies Choice)

    Yep, that's right, from someone who has espoused the GNU Ladies Choice EC2 for the last few years, I am ready to move on. I was looking for something with more camber, better edge hold, more stable, a little longer, and just in general a beefier deck but still as a fun all-mountain, do all deck...
  3. 2017Never Summer Proto Type Two (women's)

    Women`s Boards
    I was lucky enough to try the new Never Summer Women's Proto Type Two at Sierra at Tahoe’s demo day and again at another demo day. I tried a 139 (spring park day) and 142 (powder day). I am 5'2 with a small frame. If I had to choose one size I would go for the 139. The all new Women’s Never...
  4. Neversummer Proto HD vs. Cobra for all-mountain riding?

    basically want a board for cruising with the ability to carve through ice (east coast) and handle the rare powder day. i love the look and sound of both. should i be leaning one way or the other? also which size would work best? i am 5'11, 195lbs.
  5. NS Proto Evolution

    I've ridden my 2011/12 Proto CT for the past three seasons and have really enjoyed it. I'm considering upgrading to the 2014/15 Proto HD. What's changed with this board over the last few years? I heard the rocker was less pronounced and the tip/tail was flattened down a bit. Why reduce the...
  6. Never Summer Rocks

    I havent ridden a Never Summer board for 4 years now, and today I unboxed my new Proto HDX and it reminded me what high quality is. Never Summer makes the sort of product that our grandparents refer to when they say "back when things were built to last." They did a phenomenal job designing this...
  7. WTB: Never Summer Proto CT / HD 154 /157

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Looking for a low mileage Proto, any year either CT or HD, sized at 154 or 157. TIA, `S
  8. 2012/13 Rome Mob Bindings? On NS Proto ct? or any Flux?

    Hey guys, just sold my older mission bindings and am now in need or some good bindings for my 2013 proto ct. I know there are some other threads, but no one has talked about the Rome mob bindings in white/green. They would look great, and appear to be all around good according to 'the good...
  9. 2014 Never Summer SL vs. Proto vs. Cobra

    forum newb here. measurements: 6'0 200lb size 11-11.5 boot looking to upgrade my decade old Forum Elite primarily riding: east coast trails. SOME park, but not a ton. wants: something fast, holds edge, easy-to-ride and fun. i'm trying to decide between the mentioned 3 NS boards. was...
  10. Better in powder - TFA vs Proto

    Hi all first post for me. So I sold/selling the two boards I rode last year and picked up two new boards for this year. I didnt like how the boards I had last year were too specific. I want to get your opinions on which of the new boards I should ride on a big pow days. Sold/Selling 2013...
  11. Never Summer Proto CTX vs HDX

    Hello everybody. I am set on the Never Summer Proto HDX, but i cannot find it on sale (didn't really expect to either because it's this years model). What are the differences between the CTX and the HDX. Are these difference big enough for me to wait for the HDX to go on sale? Or should I get a...
  12. Need help choosing a board for next year

    I would classify myself as a beginner-intermediate leaning more towards an intermediate rider. I definitely want to go with a never summer board, specifically the Proto or Evo. I want to have a fun board good for park but also a board that can handle well at higher speeds. I'm just getting into...
  13. Washing boot liners

    so i have drug all my gear out and getting it ready for the year and my boot liners stink not to bad but need washed what do i do my though was washing machine gentle cycle cold water will this mess them up???? the boots are 2011 burton ambush imprint 3 liners any thoughts?
  14. Burton Proto Lab Trip

    General Travel Forum
    So Heres the deal my brother in-law is doing a senior project he told his teacher he was going to build his own snowboard we did some research and looks dam hard unless we don't care and it will be crap! I gave him the idea to email burton and we got a response from donna carpenter jakes wife...
  15. New board short list: Help a brother out

    A little background info: I'm 6'2", weigh about 205 lbs, and wear size 12 boots. I ride in the Midwest so I'm mostly concerned with park and groomer performance. Consider myself an intermediate park rider and looking to improve. I've done a lot of research on boards for the upcoming season and...