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  1. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hi everyone! I'm doing a design project where I am trying to design a new pair of snow goggles. I made this questionnaire to gain some insight into what the snowboarding community likes and dislikes about their goggles. It's only 5 questions, and it should only take about 5 minutes. If you would...
  2. Boards
    Hi all, Does anyone know this board? I'd like to know the product details. Is it camber, rocker or hybrid, and what is the flex from 1 - 10? And is it suitable for a beginner/intermediate? I hope to find some knowledge here, because I can't find anything online about this one. Also, any info...
  3. Boards
    I’m 5’7, Size 9 (shoes), about 147- 150lbs. Should I get a 152 or a 155 sized board?
  4. Boards
    Hello, I am a 5’7 male at 146lbs. I currently ride a Kemper 150cm board and was looking at getting a Ride Warpig, the deal im getting is for a 154cm. Is this a big difference? I really want a Warpig bc its all mountain and great deal but I am not sure. Let me know! I mostly like groomers...
  5. Welcome New Riders And New Members
  6. Boards
    So I bought this board a week ago and I've been looking online to figure out the model of it, I know its an option supercap but I don't know the year it was made. Could anybody help me? (first time on this forum so forgive the bad formatting)
  7. Snowboarding General Chat
    Here is the craigslist ad (in comments), thinking about going to check it out today. Are there any red flags that I am missing? It was also listed on ebay (in comments), the seller says it is still available. Claims board is a 162W and bindings are size Large. Thanks in advance.
  8. Boards
    Hey guys. I got a question about which snowboard would be better for me. Im trying to step up my snowboarding this season like go bigger jumps and stuff. So im looking to buy a new snowboard. Ive been looking through so many different 2016 snowboards and cant decide what i want. so i decided to...
  9. Boards
    I currently ride a Burton Process Flying V, 155 cm. I'm 5'9, 130 lbs, and am looking to downsize, as the 155 is pretty hard to press on, and almost impossible to butter with. I'm really getting into park riding, and would love to start buttering around the mountain. I want a board that is great...
  10. Boards
    I bought a Brando by Lando recently and when it came in the mail I noticed that on the base, along one of the edges, there was what looked like a gap between the base and the edge. It's not really a gap exactly, because it's filled in with something, but I don't know what it's filled in with...
  11. Boards
    i currently ride a 159cm Burton Process Flying V. i am looking to buy a new freestyle board in the near future and i was thinking of going down to a 154-155cm since my current snowboard is up to my eyebrows. i am 5ft 5 inches and about 200 pounds. since freestyle boards have more flex than a all...
  12. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    So i had a few questions a a trick. Background information, i consider myself an advanced rider when it comes to rails but kind of a newb when it comes to air tricks. I can stomp clean 360's 180's etc so i tried my luck at backflips. i prefer the underflip style compared to wildcat. Yesterday...
  13. General Travel Forum
    Hello! i'm doing a product design course in school and trying to do some market research. I am redesigning a board but want to know what company do you mainly fly with when going on a snowboarding holiday i.e. easy jet. BA ect..! if you could let me know it would be a huge help!
  14. Boards
    The answer to the above question is yes, but I need some knowledge about a snowboard I just bought off the dreaded craigslist. For $160 I went on a limb since this board was in good condition and around the size I'm looking for. Anyone able to venture a guess what year this thing is? I ride...
  15. Boards
    Its an all green snowboard without a serial # it says molson in large print at the bottom and the top it has a VT license plate which says 'green mountain lager' I was told this might be rare or may have been won during a competition in vt , and I have searched the internet and have never found...
  16. Boards
    i just got the never summer sl 11-12 for a good price and was wondering how good it is with some freestyle like 3's and 5's and some big mountain terrain like backcountry, your opinions will be helpful!
  17. Outerwear and Accessories
    What are the zipper lengths on Nomis Jackets, Large and Large Tall? Please Help! In specific the Nomis SC Simon Chamberlain Signature Jacket.
1-17 of 17 Results