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  1. K2 Raygun vs Ride Machete

    Hi everyone, I know this might be annoying that people keep asking for opinion but I really need some advice right now... I'm 5"6 and weight 145. I start riding around 3 years and starting doing some blacks and was looking for a board that can stay with me for the next two years. I mainly do...
  2. Ride Wild Life vs Burton Custom Flying V vs K2 Raygun?

    I need some help picking a new board! I've been riding the same 153cm Morrow board since 1996, and it still works fine for me somehow, but I'm finally ready to upgrade. Based on most measures that board is now way too short for me. I am now 6'0", 175-180lbs, with a size 11.5-12.0 shoe. I'm...
  3. Lib Tech Box Scratcher for intermediate (first board)?

    I can get a 2013 box scratcher for a really good price but I'm worried it's a park board more that an all mountain. I like to cruise and maybe do a few jumps/boxes. Carving and high speed is also something I like. The snow here is generally man made and natural mixed depending on the time of...
  4. Is the board right for me? Help

    I recently purchased a 156cm k2 raygun, and I am wondering if it's the right board size. I am 5'10, 155 lbs.;shoes size : 10 us; riding style: freeride/all mountain; and I am 16, riding in Kentucky. Is this the right size for me?