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  1. First time to Breckenridge - advice welcome!

    General Travel Forum
    Hi all, I'm currently looking to organise a trip to Breckenridge for next year. There's a group of around 10-12 of us (final numbers tbc) and we're planning on being there from 21st Feb for 7-10 days. We're looking at private rentals to stay in. I've seen a few on VRBO but any other...
  2. Renting Info

    Hey, does anybody know if the mountains that rent out snowboards to you for the day, rent them from a ski shop, or buy them from a ski shop? Also is there anyway you guys know of, that you can find where the ski shops that the mountains rent or buy from, are located?
  3. Equipment rental in Park City?

    General Travel Forum
    I'll be in Park City for a week from early February, and am looking for a good place to rent snowboard/bindings/boots. What I am hoping for is to find a place where I can try out a number of different boards (LibTech models, in particular, have interest) during the 8 days I'll be there. Any good...