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    This might be a long shot, but does anyone have any advice on repairing this board? I found it on the hard rubbish and want to see if I can do anything with it. It looks like the wood around the binder screw holes might be rotten/loose so I know its probably going to be difficult/impossible!
  2. Boards
    Please see image attached. Should I brush on a little bit of epoxy? Just for peace of mind to protect further damage. What type of epoxy works best here?
  3. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hi all, Im new to this forum... Im seeking for help/suggestion of a situation... I have a 90% new snowboard, i have used it for like 2 times... Which is around 10days in the mountains.. A few weeks ago I was planning to get ready for my up coming trip in this december. So i brought it to a...
  4. Boards
    I stored my board in a snowboard bag flat on the ground, with two other boards and a few other things on top of it, for around 9 months. And now that I've gotten it back out again for this season it's completely changed shape. Not just a little bit either, its gone from a camber to a very...
  5. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi there, I have seen various chips repaired on threads here with simple 2 layer epoxy and clamping. This has also been done on my board at the repair shop after a crash with a unattentive skier. However there is still a chip which seperates the top layer from the rest and wonder if another dap...
  6. Boots
    Has anyone had any experience with 2015 Burton Ambush? I took them out to the slopes for the first time over the weekend and came back with two hole shapes in the side of my left boot (leading foot). The biggest hole is behind the strap so I'm not really sure how it could even get that shaped...
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    Original Snowboarding Forum Post: Missing Edge Repair So I didn't buy a new board on Black Friday but instead I fixed my old one. Many people on this website told me to get a new one and that my favorite board was junk. I couldn't let her die so easy plus I need to save up if I wanna get a...
  8. Boards
    At the end of last season I did damage to my board in the glades. The damage was done beneath the toe of my rear binding (I ride regular). You can see in the pictures that a piece of edge is missing (about 3-5 inches long) as well as about half nickle into the board of base removed. I have...
  9. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hi everyone, I'm new to any sort of board maintenance but not afraid to start. My board, as you can see in the pictures, needs some repair. I've tried looking online and it looks like my first instincts for the de-laminated part were right, just some epoxy and clamps should do fine. As for the...
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    I bent my edge on my snowboard and could use some tips on how to fix and seal it. I already hammered it back into place as much as I could.
  11. Boards
    So I was snowboarding today and I skiier caught the front side of my board with his skis and caused it to chip. My main concern is, is this something that could be repaired? I am in no way capable of repairing it myself and I was curious what someone might guess the repair would cost. The...
  12. Boards
    Hi, Today, when I came back from the resort, I noticed this damage on my board: Is there a way to repair this? I mean, by my own hands? Like, put some glue on that part that is lifted? Thanks for the attention
  13. Boards
    So yesterday while driving down the road I came across someone throwing away their old Burton Seven board. It is the 155cm from 2006. There was some base damage which I easily patched up with a bit of p-tex, and in addition there was a piece of the edge missing. I have already invested 23...
  14. Boards
    I bought a gnu carbon credit 153. It was a 2014 brand new blem model from I really liked the day and a half I rode it...until...I board slid a box and came off too much on my nose. The board slid off the corner and hard into snow. The nose was damaged severely. After contacting...
  15. Boards
    I have a rather new board, used for 4 weeks of boarding. Though the last 1½ week I have noticed my bindings have been becoming more and more loose :( After tightening the bindings several times I toke off the bindings discovering that the holes has expanded. Are there anything I can do to save...
  16. Boards
    I noticed a little crack today in the tail of my Ride Fleetwood board :( It's not very long (yet) but I'm afraid it could get longer :unsure: It's on the top laminate layer of the board and extends a few millimeters in. I want to repair it since I've heard cracks like this can let water into...
  17. Outerwear and Accessories
    Hey! I lost the removable air mesh ventilation system that goes on the top-side of the goggle on a trip last spring. I called Burton and they said that the air mesh is not a part that is available separately. Anyhow, does anyone have any advice on what kind of material I should replace the...
  18. Boards
    Hello Guys , just notice this chip on the nose of my burton. Was wondering if its normal and should i get it fixed straight away ? any help is appreciated cheers Ed
  19. Boards
    I found this crack on my board, and im wondering if theres a quick way to fix it before i have time to take it into a shop..
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