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    Hey everyone new member here at the snowboard forums! I have been snowboarding for about 5 years now and after using rentals for all that time I finally took the plunge and bought a snowboard this year (burton amplifier). This week I was taking a side trail and unexpectedly hit a few rocks. I...
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    Hi All, Wanted your opinion, I have two Burton Custom X both suffered the same fate nailed a rock off-piste. Board 1 - yellow sidewall (no repair attempted) Board 2 - red sidewall (repaired) The rail is not 'cracked in neither of them but the dent is there. How bad is the damage, would you...
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    So I got a new board this year and after my sessions with it I got a nice cut in the top of my board. Its kind of a V shaped cut about a quarter inch into my board. Its on the the front very edge but luckily it only cuts through the top and doesnt go to the base, but it does cut into the center...
1-3 of 3 Results