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  1. Resort Trip Reports
    Absolutely breathtaking views and incredible runs at Lake Louise Ski Resort in Banff today. As a Chicagoan I'm blown away by how beautiful this planet can be, and I'm so grateful for boarding as it brings me to magical places like this.
  2. General Travel Forum
    Advice/Recommendation on trips to Canda/US 4 Feb 2019 Hi, first time post...looking for some advice/recommendation/opinions on where to go and what resort for a week long snowboard holiday starting 4 Feb 2019. Looking at resorts in Canada or US Live in Australia. I have a background of...
  3. General Travel Forum
    I want to board for a week in July anywhere in South America so Chile or Argentina, I guess. I want to go for maximum 5 days, I am not old enough to rent a car so I am wondering if anyone knows a ski resort... I have only snowboarded in Canada - easy to get to (from the airport, and daily from...
  4. Boards
    Hi guys, I am considering getting Lib Tech Attack Banana Hp EC2 BTx or Skate Banana BTX with size of 159W. Could you please give me your opinions which one is better in your opinion. And maybe detail of each board riding style. I already got my binding and boot which is Burton Genesis X and...
  5. Nightlife
    I was just wondering if you guys now any resorts that has red light district areas near them. Maybe under 1 hour drive away. I found this list: Top 10 Red-Light Districts in The World - WikiSexGuide - International World Sex Guide Hamburg has a famous red light area. I guess Harz is like 230 km...
  6. General Travel Forum
    So here's the deal, I think I want to move back to the east coast. My Grandmother has about 3 weeks left and I would like to be closer to my family. My family lives on the Jersey shore and I live in Mammoth lakes CA. I want to be home but I NEED to be in the mountains to pursue my career in the...
  7. Resort Trip Reports
    Hey guys, Me and my buddies were planning on going on a snowboarding road trip next christmas break but there's so many different hills, not sure which are the best. Any opinions or experiences?
  8. General Travel Forum
    I have a few friends in New York who want to start boarding next year. Usually I go to European resorts (I live in UK) with a group of friends, but as my NY buddies want to get involved, we are looking to make next year's trip a USA/Canada one. I would like recommendations for a resort that fits...
  9. Resort Trip Reports
    ok so im heading over to park city in 2days.. but we're in a tight money situation... im 15 years old i look maybe 13 or 14.. but my friend looks like he's 10.. do you think we could get away with buying juniors tickets? we're in a tight situation any help would be welcome.. thanks!
  10. General Travel Forum
    would it be worth it to fly over to park city for 2 full days of snowboarding? i'm an east coast snowboarder started last year its already became my passion i just wanna know if it's worth it. any opinions would be appreciated
  11. Resort Trip Reports
    Hey, i'm heading up to Plattekill mtn. weekend of the 16th and would like to know how it is for snowboarding? also it compared to windham and hunter i know its not as big but i know it doesnt attract crowd so lift lines will be a big plus. please get back anyone. Thanks!
1-11 of 11 Results