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  1. Revvy late Jan

    General Travel Forum
    Hi everyone! (oh yeah... it's that time of the year again and I'm baaaack!) I am planning a trip to Revelstoke with my best friend, we learned to ride together and everything! It's supposed to be the kind of epic trip we dream of. The problem is, I've been staring at the map for too long...
  2. 2014.15 Season - Revelstoke, where to stay?

    General Travel Forum
    Hi, this will be my 3rd season in canada (Whistler then Big White) and planning to go to Revelstoke. Not 100% sure if ill be there from the start or sometime in late Jan. Looking for advice on where to stay, im a single guy from the UK and ideally want to be located within a short walk to the...
  3. Revelstoke '13-'14

    Western Canada
    To whom it may concern, I'm positively, absolutely moving to Revelstoke for the '13-'14 season:yahoo: In preparation, I'd really like to build some contacts whom I can refer to as the season draws near. I'm looking for potential roommates, especially. So, even though this post may be very...
  4. Moving to Revelstoke?

    Western Canada
    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forums, so please don't decry me for committing any forum taboos. For the sake of brevity, what follows are my general questions, and below is additional information that may aid you in answering those general questions: Firstly, from what I've read, Reve is icy...