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  1. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    2015-2016 Rome Artifact Rocker vs Camber Whats up guys, I made a post last week in regards to what park boards i should look into. This week I caught my eye on the Rome Artifact Rocker for a killer price. Been thinking about it but not sure if the Rocker or Camber would be better. Im concerned...
  2. Boards
    just got the new Rome Reverb Rocker 2014. Anyway, since the board is a rocker camber hybrid will it catch edges easy on rails and boxes? i plan on hitting large jumps and jibbing with it so hopefully not.
  3. Boards
    I have a a question about board specs , what do the numbers mean for effective edge ? Ex I have a 2011 gnu carbon credit and the effective edge is 119mm trying to figure out what it means I just ordered a Lib. Tech T Rice pro 155cm and has the same effective edge being a 1cm difference...
  4. Boards
    I got this board last year brand new and definitely got my use out of it. I rode backcountry and park on this board the last 2 years. It has one real core shot that is being fixed at the Never Summer factory right now. There are 2 other spots with some P-Tex put into the base. I've found the...
  5. Boards
    Anyone out there know much about Never Summer boards? I've only been riding about 3 years and i like to do everything but the park - powder, trees, groomers. So i guess that makes me a "freerider" or whatever (i'm guessing most fall under this category). Basically need an all mtn board and had...
1-5 of 5 Results