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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Have a set of all black Rome Katanas (L/XL) for sale, last year’s model. Approx 10-12 days on them. Nothing wrong with them and still look almost new. I do not need a binding quiver and decided to stick with my select pros. Includes both flat and canted footbeds (see pics). All mounting...
    $200 USD
  2. Boots
    Hi, my old boots (Burton Imperials) have finally given up, and the soles have started to separate from the rest of the boot, they’ve also become very soft after being used for quite a long time. I could probably glue them back together, however I found they didn’t fit particularly well with my...
  3. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    New in plastic 21/22 Rome Stalefish 148. I snagged this on a whim for a good deal, but unfortunately it's too small for me. Price includes shipping to the lower 48, or I can meet you around the Springs if you're in Colorado. Thanks for looking!
    $280 USD
  4. Boards
    My old Nitro T1 155W is running a little soft under my weight and I thought I would replace it this season with something new. I've grown to love it's ability to ride both ways and switching it on the fly with butters and side hits and what not. Also I would like to get more into rails and...
  5. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Brand new. Fits previous generation bindings. They will not work for current models. Make sure that these are what you need before you buy. $60 obo. Thanks!
    $60 USD
  6. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Double black and park lap approved! I own two other pairs (currently mounted to my 2 other boards). Simply selling this pair because I bought them for a board that I am no longer keeping (selling) and I don't need three pairs of bindings. Ridden 4-5 half days. Highbacks knicked up but everything...
    $305 USD
  7. Boards
    I'm looking for a dedicated powder board that I can still carve hard and get creative with. Torn between these two boards. I live in California and mainly go to Big Bear, Mammoth Mountain, and Tahoe. Basically want a short and wide board. On a scale of 1 to 10 ability wise I think I'm a 5 or 6...
  8. Boards
    I am looking at the Spring Break Slush Slasher, Rome Service Dog, and Libtech Orca! i ride a lot of trees, powder, and natural features. Basically the goal is a pow surfer that can tear up groomers as well, and maybe even a slushy day here and there. bonus points if it can handle a lap through...
  9. Bindings
    Getting a completely new board/binding setup for the season - just finished ordering the K2 Alchemist and need help deciding between the Cleaver/Katana to pair with it (or open to any other binding suggestions too). Was previously set on getting the Katana 20/21 Orange model since it would pair...
  10. Boards
    What’s up guys, newbie here. Looking to purchase a new board for the season as my old faithful finally gave out. I ride in Alaska, mostly all mountain. I love going up top and hitting the pow and fast lines but also love to play in the park. I like to do a bit of everything and am looking for...
  11. Comparative Reviews
    So I've ridden the men's Never Summer Proto Type Two, which I really liked. I recently looked at Rome's 2020 women's Lo-Fi snowboard, which looked pretty good too. I was wondering what the main differences between them were and if those differences would be noticable to an intermediate-advanced...
  12. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Anyone out there that has m/l katanas that are wanting to go up in size? I downsized my boots and now wanting to downsize my bindings. I'm only looking for Katanas not interested in other products. Straight up trade. If you have a newer year I could possibly add money One season of use (10-15...
  13. Boards
    Hi all, I bought a Rome snowboard from a ski/snowboarding store in California sometime around 2006, a few years after they just started as a company, and was told that back then it was one of the best available (I think it was a custom/rare model). Unfortunately, it was later destroyed :frown...
  14. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Up for sale: Men's Rossignol Jibsaw - Asking Price $210 shipped. Size- 155cm Condition- Great overall condition. Some scratches on top sheet from where the binding was sitting and minor scratches on base from normal riding. Never used in the park. Used one weekend only! No bindings!
  15. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Up for Sale: Union force men's medium distressed red snowboard bindings. Great condition, Used a handful of times this season. Has minor scratches/paint chips on heel cup and latch areas(see pictures) Price - $155 shipped.
  16. Bindings
    Was long overdue for a new setup, so I balled out and got a 157 NS Type Two, M/L Katana Bindings and 10.5 ThirtyTwo's. Problem is, the Katana's seem too small for my boots. I have the heel cup set all the way back, and the straps lengthened almost all the way, and the toe strap only gets a few...
  17. Boards
    Hello, I am having some trouble figuring out what board to get this season. I would classify as a seasoned intermediate rider. I am looking at the 2018 rome gangplank and the 2018 jones explorer. I'm looking for a board that can hold a good edge and pop as well as have the ability for some...
  18. Boards
    I finally pulled the trigger on my first setup. I've heard great things about the Mod Rocker and the NX2s. I got to looking and found both on a deep sale for the LY models on EVO. I hope this it a killer setup. Now I gotta find boots... NX2s - from $329 to $209 Mod Rocker from $599 to $359
  19. Boards
    My buddy passed away a year ago from an overdose and his snowboard was left in my friend's possession. I want to buy it from him and am wondering what a fair price is.... It's a Rome Machine 2006 board (154 cm) and has Technine bindings that are probably just as old. The whole getup is in kind...
1-19 of 78 Results