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    I got a brand new Nitro rook and tried it out for the first time the other weekend.. and i got home and looked at the top sheet and first thing i noticed is the edges of it were already chipped up and dinged up pretty bad. Should I do something about it? it seems pretty brutal since it was the...
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    so i just took my new nitro rook from last season out yesterday.. got to say it's such a fun board would definitely recommend it.. but on the topsheet right where the topsheet and sidewall meet around the edges of the board the topsheets already so dinged up and little pieces of it are chipped...
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    Hello everyone. I have been snowboarding for 5 years. I have always had camber deck. For this season I want to try something different. I have option to buy (very cheap) brand new (mint state) Team Gullwing and Rook. Both are 2011/2012 model (that is why they are cheap). This year I want to...
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    Just got a killer deal on a brand new nitro rook for 200 dollars.. cant find much on the way of reviews though can anyone who has experience tell me how it fares on boxes and jumps? Like park stuff and natrual features. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results