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  1. Input on Rossignol Rocknrolla Amptek

    Sup! I'm 5'8" 140lbs and have an athletic building thats kind of lean/skinny. I'm trying to purchase a Rossignol Rocknrolla Amptek Snowboard and i'm not sure if I should get the 148cm or 152cm. I'm looking to do more all mountain and carving down the slopes but I dabble with the terrain park a...
  2. Rossignol RockinRolla Awesome!!

    So I recently purchased and rode the Rossignol Rockinrolla 148cm Snowboard. I currently own, a Capita, Rome garage rocker and Rome poster mania, Compatriot and Omatic. By far, closely followed by the Postermania, the Rockinrolla is amazing! It is so playful but yet has great control. The flex...
  3. Rossignol One Magtek vs Templar

    Hi, I will be buying a new board and narrowed down to a couple of Rossi boards - One Magtek and Templar Magtek. I am 5'10", 227 lbs and 9 boot size. I usually ride groomers, quite often in bumpy and/or icy conditions. Steep reds are my favourites. I am thinking of getting 161-162 long board...
  4. Rossi Angus 2014 vs Yes Basic 2015

    resolved....want to delete post
  5. FS: 2009 Rossignol JDUB Mag

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    For Sale: 2009 Rossignol JDUB Mag 161 This is the model year with the Dracula Eyeball in the middle with all sorts of crazy colors. I bought the board 4 years ago brand new as a second Park board. As it turns out, I have only used the board about 3 times because I use my RIDE as my main setup...
  6. Experience on Sapient, Rossignol, and Marrow boards?

    Noob buying noob boyfriend his first board and binding as a birthday present. On a budget and noticed that Sapient, Rossignol and Marrow have fairly cheap boards. Anyone have any experience with these? Everyone starts with crap boards right? Lol
  7. Rossignol board with buton freestyle bindings

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    make my an offer. Rossignol board 145 with burton freestyle bindings. you pay shipping located in greefield ma
  8. cqn anyone tell me about this set up and it it any good?

    Hello, im new to the site and I wanted to ask if any one can help me figure out how much my set up is worth, the year, the quality, ect. I have a 2001 Rossignol Vintage deck with burton mission 0479 bindings and old grey, yellow and black burton drivers with a normal lacing system. Anything you...
  9. Rossignol Templar Board Sizing Help

    Hey guys, need help on picking a size board. I'm pretty sold on the Rossignol Templar and thought I was gonna do the 159 wide, but it turns out I don't necessarily NEED a wide board. I thought I was a size 12 boot, my shoe size is 12, but apparently I can squeeze into a size 10/10.5. So my boots...
  10. K2 Data Boots?

    I'm seeing the K2 data boots on sale and as part of packages on a lot of sites, but I can find a lot of info or feedback on them. Also, they seem to have been cut from the K2 lineup after 2 years or production. Has anyone used or owned these? Are they quality/comfortable? I'm looking for a...
  11. K2 Raygun, Angus Amptek or One Amptek

    After renting boards for a couple of years, I've decided to buy a board. But I can't decide between a couple of boards: - K2 Raygun - Rossignol Angus Amptek - Rossignol One Magtek I like to board all mountain. Just play on all kind of slopes and off course if there is pow beside the slopes...
  12. Rocker Differences

    I am looking at buying a new board and deciding between two the Flow Merc and Rossignol Templar Magtek. The Flow has a camber/rocker/camber shape. The Rossignol has the reverse order, a rocker/camber/rocker shape. Is there a major difference between two in terms of the ordering of the...
  13. Rossignol experience 164W or 167?

    Hi guys! I faced a problem of choosing board size, please give an advice. I'm looking for Rossignol experience and not able to decide which size 164 Wide or 167 would better suit me. My riding style - 60% off-piste and freeride, 40% all-mountain. I plan to improve freeriding side. My current...
  14. WANTED Rossignol Angus 2010 - 2011

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    Been looking for this board for a little while now, Loved it the times I got to use it, so lookign to get it for myself. If you know of one for sale or eve n have one you're willing to sell, shoot me a reply or email [email protected] or anything. Must be size 158 or larger. Thanks! Alles...
  15. DC HKD 2008 Board/Rossignol Cobra Binding White - What is it worth?

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi i'm new to this forum so i realize this might not be the best place to ask this, but i think its time i sell my first board and bindings, and i have no idea what they are worth! Can you help me? I will post pics of them in here: Board - DC HKD by Peter Saville 158 - 2008 Bindings -...
  16. Size 13 too big for MW board?

    I Recently spent a week in Crested Butte, CO and rented boards for the week. The last few days I did the demo rental package and rode a 160 cm Rossi onemagtek and a 159 cm Rossi angus. I really liked them both but conditions were super snowy so I feel like I didn't get to really test them and...
  17. Rossignol Jibsaw - Wide 158 - Value

    -2012-This board is fun for jumps, jibs, ice, moguls. Feels very small and playful. Nice and wide but not too wide for my 13's. I'm a big dude 6'0" over 200lbs and this board is stiff enough to handle me and some nice turns but just enough flex for a nice press. Graphics are sick, especially...
  18. Great Deal on Rossi Diva Boards for Women @ Evo now

    Thanks for the great input on boards here. I was lurking around reading, and decided on a 2012 Rossignol Diva (at due to the input here. I was also considering was the Roxy Eminence. Anyway, $191 was far and away the best price I have seen for this popular board so I just picked up...
  19. one magtek / burton custom/barracuda

    Hi all im on the lookout for a new board for this season. been riding a Burton blunt for the last 3 seasons all over the mountain.. but now im looking for something alot more stable and better grip! my last board was a burton custom (loved it) but sold it to try a rocker board. i ride all over...